The following oral health resources are available for free from the New Zealand Dental Association. You can place an order for these resources here. To view the latest resources available for 2019 Switch to Water campaign please visit here 

Protect your Teeth

It’s easy to protect your family’s smile [English] Download now

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Ageing [2020] Download now

Keeping your teeth for a lifetime…easy as [A5] Download now

Keep your smile looking good…Easy as [wallet card] - out of stock Download now

It’s easy to protect your family’s smile - Maori Download now

Healthy Smiles Booklet [3rd Edition] - out of stock Download now

Sugary Drinks

As part of NZDAs annual Switch to Water campaign we have developed these resources to help anyone who has an interest in promoting the benefits of drinking water. These resources are available electronically and are ready to print and hand out.

What are Sugary Drinks Doing to your body [A3] Download now

Water Only School Flyer Download now

Switch Your Sugary Drinks to Water Download now

Switch To Water Benefits Download now

Drinks Damage Teeth [A5] Download now

Acidity of Drinks [A5] Download now

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