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NZDJ December 2021

Article: Publicly funded emergency dental services during COVID-19 Lockdown Levels 3 and 4: The Taranaki COVID-19 oral health plan. A review of adults presenting with acute dental problems, sociodemographic parameters and service delivery strategies.
Antunovic DM, McInerney M, Jarman J, Penlington G

Article: The history of cleft services in New Zealand
Fowler PV, Snape L, Thompson JMD

Article: A retrospective audit on the use of glass ionomer cement and stainless steel crown restorations in primary molar teeth within Northland District Health Board Oral Health Service, New Zealand
Croucher N

Article: The influence of kava and carbonated soft drink on the mechanical properties of denture base resins. 
Grymak A, Chen S, Mudliar VL, Li KC, Waddell JN

Article: New Zealand general dental practitioners’ perspectives on medication related to osteonecrosis of the jaw
Wu TY, Sun G, De Silva HL, Thomson WM

Article: Self-reported oral health, dental anxiety and use of services in Pacific tertiary students
Sese P, Thomson WM, Tong D, Sopoaga T.

NZDJ September 2021

Article: Working towards Māori oral health equity: Why te Tiriti o Waitangi needs to underpin the oral health system, using evidence from the New Zealand Oral Health Survey
Lacey JK, Thomson WM, Crampton P, Willing E

Article: Speed Limits to Orthodontic Treatment: A review
Prasad S, Farella M

Article: Mokopuna Māori me oranga niho (Māori infants and oral health) an early childhood caries randomised control trial among New Zealand Māori children.
Broughton JR, Thomson WM, Maipi J TeH, Person M, Morgaine KC, Jamieson L, Lawrence HP

Article: Riga-Fede Disease: A Rare Clinical Entity
Chirayath T

NZDJ June 2021

Article: A novel tooth-coloured crown system to treat dental caries in children – Development and validation
Choi JJE, Plaksina P, Foster Page L, Waddell JN, Duncan WJ

Article: The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on the oral and maxillofacial pathology diagnostic service in New Zealand
Seo B, Hussaini H, Rich AM

Article: The selection and clinical application of dental adhesives by general dental practitioners in New Zealand
Al-Kindi F, Al-Harrasi R, Coimbatore H, Aziz S, Thomson WM, Ekambaram M

Article: Post-Ablative Orbital Reconstruction: A Case Report
Wilson B, Coghlan P, Schuurman N

NZDJ March 2021

Article: A review of dental caries in adolescents, risk factors and preventive strategies
Kanagaratnam S, Schluter PJ

Article: Dentists’ knowledge and experiences of treating patients with head and neck cancer.
Dixon HG, Thomson WM, Ting GS

Article: Outcomes for teeth following pulpectomy treatment at a dental teaching hospital 
Broadbent JM, Chai AHJ, Chong JB, Korduke NA, Lindsay RJ, Cathro P, Schwass, DR

Article: General dental practitioners’ opinions on universal publicly-funded dental care in New Zealand
Cheng MS, Hsu KY-H, Thomson WM, Ekambaram M