NZDJ December 2023

Article: Purchasing and use of non-fluoride and children’s toothpaste in Aotearoa New Zealand
McLeod GFH, Broadbent JM, Kinnersley B, Insch A, Lee M, Schluter PJ, Wade A, Hobbs M

Article: Risk Perception of COVID-19 Infection in Dental Consultations among Users of the Public Health System of El Salvador 2021
Escobar de Gonz.lez WY, Aguirre de Rodr.guez KA, Turcios-Bonilla JE, Santos-Anaya SM, P.rez-Siciliano AL, P.rez-Rodas EA, Rivas-Cartagena FJ

Article: Occlusion norms in mammals: an introductory study
Tinawi A, Chen N, Li Me, Loch C

Article: Congenital Muscular Torticollis: The importance of a thorough head and neck examination in the paediatric dental patient. Case report
Davis A, Unkel JH, Berry EJ

NZDJ June 2023

Article: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on general dental practitioners in New Zealand 
Al-Jebori R, Pg Hassim I, Thomson WM

Article: Spinal pain in undergraduate dental students at the University of Otago Faculty of Dentistry
Osborne H, Al-Sammak A, Spyker L, Saha S, Fitzgerald K, Martin H, Roessler D, Wilson L, Lyons K

Article: Odontogenic orbital cellulitis: a case report
Richardson R, Smit R, Jattan R

Article: Endodontic management of a C-shaped root canal using thermoplasticised obturation with a modified gutta-percha cartridge design. Case report 
Mrinalini M, Sodvadia UB, Shetty A, Hegde MN