As part of 2018 Switch to Water Challenge we have developed these resources to help anyone who has an interest in promoting the benefits of drinking water.

Infographic -What sugary drink can do to the body (A3) 

Acidity of Drinks (A5 leaflet)

Drinks Damage Teeth (A5 leaflet)

School Toolkit - Information for schools interested to take the challenge

Workplace Toolkit - Information for workplaces interested to take the challenge

Other Useful Resources

The Health Promotion Agency has great resources for schools that promote drinking water.  Their infographic shows the amount of sugar in drinks commonly consumed by school-aged children. 

Workplaces can order the 100% Water Pack from the Health Promotion Agency. This pack contains posters, table talkers, infographics and stickers to promote water as the best choice in your workplace or recreation setting. There are different messages on the posters and a how-to-guide for creating a healthy beverage culture in the workplace.