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NZDJ December 2022

Article: Changes in oral health-related quality of life following dental care at the Canterbury Charity Hospital
Tay WZ, Broadbent JM, Tay YH, Brown A

Article: Draining infections and draining resources: The nature and cost of acute odontogenic infection referrals to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Service at Christchurch Hospital
Graham DO, Schuurman NG, Willink R, Erasmus J

Article: Inferior alveolar neurosensory disturbance following unilateral mandibular fractures: A pilot study comparing the visual analogue scale to a formal method of neurosensory testing and an assessment of surgical outcomes
Olsen JB, Mckenzie JW, Graham DO, Fisher CMCM, Sealey CM

Article: Surgical Management of Long Standing Fibrous Ankylosis Secondary to Mandibular Condyle Intracranial Dislocation
Mckenzie J, Toh ZYC, Majumdar A

Article: Implant failure, osteomyelitis and a pathologic mandibular fracture in a patient with extensive submandibular and cervical venous malformations; a case report
Wockner RS, Kenny CMA, Subramaniam SS

NZDJ September 2022

Article: An update of the evidence on factors that influence the impact of fluoride toothpaste on dental caries in New Zealand
Kanagaratnam S, Schluter PJ

Article: Dental and Oral Health Therapists’ perceptions of continuity of patient care
Carruthers KA, Adam LA, Moffat SM

Article: Perceptions of tailored oral health education resources among former refugees
Al Naasan Z, Broadbent JM, Duncan WJ, Smith MB

Article Appendices

Article: Consider a new diagnosis of epilepsy as a cause of tongue ulceration
Bridgman JB, Chancellor AM, Crisp S

NZDJ June 2022

Article: Employer and graduate perceptions of the competency of University of Otago dental graduates
Loh JY, Lim R, Broadbent JM, Duncan WJ

Article: An odontogenic keratocyst treated 60 years later, via a sagittal split approach
Petterson C, Erasmus J

Article: Lemierre’s syndrome – A potential fatal complication following routine dental treatment
Singleton C, DeAngelis A

NZDJ March 2022

Article: Dental health in a cohort of six-year-old New Zealand children who were breastfed as infants – a comprehensive descriptive study
Becket D, Wheeler BJ, Loch C, Mahoney E, Drummond B, Broadbent JM

Article: PD-L1 expression in non-dysplastic, dysplastic and oral squamous cell carcinoma samples
Tay WZ, Dong F, Kalmadin NI, Hussaini HM, De Silva HL, Rich AM

Article: Does malocclusion affect Oral Health-related Quality of Life? A review of the literature
Nichols GAL, Broadbent JM, Farella M