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Welcome to the media pack section. Currently, we have information packs on Community Water Fluoridation, Sugary Drinks, and Amalgam Fillings. More packs will be added to this section as we develop them.

Amalgam Fillings NZDA Media Pack

This section has key questions and answers relating to amalgam fillings, and draws on NZDA’s Position Statement on Dental Amalgam

Water Fluoridation NZDA Media Pack

This section talks about the natural substance of fluoride, how this is added to community water systems to provide dental health benefits, and the science behind this effective, safe and affordable public health measure

Sugary Drinks NZDA Media Pack

This is a ‘hot button’ topic, and one that the Dental Association believes requires immediate action. Here we talk about the harm of dental decay that these drinks cause, both through high sugar levels, but also acidity (pH level), we also outline our solutions for population -wide strategies to reduce sugary drink consumption.