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NZDJ December 2016

Article: Steroid Prophylaxis: The knowledge and practices of New Zealand General Dental Practitioners
Coetzee A, Goodhew EL, De Silva HL, Thomson WM

Article: An Investigation of the Views of Parents in Otago on Dental Care for Primary School-Aged Children by the Community Oral Health Service Prior to the Introduction of the Hub-Based Clinic System
Drummond BK, Gaffney M, Marshall K

Article: Final year dental students in New Zealand: Self-reported confidence levels prior to BDS graduation
C Murray, N Chandler

Article: Dental clearance unsuccesful: cleidocranial dysplasia diagnosed at a relief of pain clinic
A Vete, E Clark

NZDJ September 2016

Comment: Sugar Sweetened Beverages
Dr Jonathan Broadbent

Article: Space maintenance: An overview for clinicians
Gray S, Stacknik S, Farella M

Article: New Zealand general dentist’s usage and views on caries detection methods
Jeganath J, Wong A, Chandler N, Murray C

Article: Oral health protocols in care facilities for older people in New Zealand
Kelsen AE, Thomson WM, Love RM

NZDJ June 2016

Article: Knowledge, opinions and factors influencing practices regarding sugar in oral paediatric medications: a survey of Dunedin pharmacy staff
Chow M, Costain S, Brosnan M, Murray C

Article: A review of occupationally-linked suicide for dentists
Jones LM, Cotter R, Birch KM

Article: Dental implant use in New Zealand: A 10-year update
Murray CM, Thomson WM, Leichter JW

Article: Ethnic and socioeconomic inequalities in dental treatment at a school of dentistry
Broadbent JM, Theodore R, Te Morenga L, Thomson WM, Brunton PA

NZDJ March 2016

Article: Dental implant treatment following trauma: An investigation into the failure to complete Accident Compensation Corporation funded care
Kennedy R, Murray C, Leichter JL

Article: Oral Health of New Zealand Service Personnel in WW1
Broadbent JM, Singh JK, Masri NS, Tong DC, Duncan WJ

Article: Case report: a patient who had not removed her full lower denture for 54 years
Jones A, Bridgman JB