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NZDJ December 2014

Article: Management of the pulp in primary teeth – An update
Brosnan MG, Natarajan AK, Campbell JM, Drummond BK

Article: Master file size and apical transportation in severely curved root canals
Moradi S, Disfani R, Baziar H, Daneshvar F, Jafarzadeh H

Article: Oral health of older people admitted to hospital for needs assessment
Ling GY, Love RM, MacFadyen EE, Thomson WM

Article: Microstructural analysis of Co-Cr dental alloy at the metal-porcelain interface: A pilot study
Li KC, Ting S, Prior DJ, Waddell JN, Swain MV

NZDJ September 2014

Article: Propofol-remifentanil TCI sedation for oral surgery
Nagels AJ, Bridgman JB, Bell SE and Chrisp DJ

Article: Saliva: An Overview
Benn AML, Thomson WM

Article: Empathy in the dentist-patient relationship: review and application
Jones LM and Huggins TJ

Article: Noise Levels in Dental School Clinics
Al-Dujaili M, Thomson WM, Meldrum R, Al-Ani AH

NZDJ June 2014

Report: Post-operative complications following dental extractions at the School of Dentistry, University of Otago
Darryl Tong, Haidar Al-Hassiny, Adrian Ain, Jonathan Broadbent

Report: Adults with intellectual disability: a mixed-methods investigation of their experiences of dental treatment under general anaesthetic
Victoria McKelvey, Kate Morgaine, Murray Thomson

Report: Dental technology services and industry trends in New Zealand from 2010 to 2012
Saeed Alameri, John Aarts, Mike Smith, Neil Waddell

NZDJ March 2014

Report: Peri-implantitis diagnosis and treatment by New Zealand periodontists and oral maxillofacial surgeons
Assil Russell, Andrew Tawse-Smith, Jonathan Broadbent, Jonathan W Leichter 

Report: Acceptability of the Hall Technique to parents and children
Lyndie Foster Page, Dorothy Boyd, Sarah Davidson, Samantha McKay, Murray Thomson, Nicola Innes

Report: Ukaipo niho: the place of nurturing for oral health
John Broughton, Marie Person, Joyce Maipi, Rangi Cooper-Te Koi, Angeline Smith-Wilkinson, Sarah Tiakiwai, Jonathan Kilgour, Kay Berryman, Kate Morgaine, Lisa Jamieson, Herenia Lawrence, Murray Thomson