NZDJ December 2018

Article: Dental Treatment of children under general anaesthesia in District Health Boards in New Zealand 
Hunt GR, Foster Page LA, Thomson WM

Article: Pasifika adolescents’ understandings and experiences of oral health care
Smith LA, Cameron C, Foster Page L, Waqawai A, Richards R

Article: Maxillofacial use of botulinum toxin: a series of three unusual cases
Jones A, Bridgman JB

NZDJ September 2018

Article: Improving oral-health-related quality of life: findings from an in-school toothbrushing programme
Clark E, Thomson WM, Foster Page L

Article: Use of newer technologies by dentists in New Zealand
van der Zande MM, Hong CL, Gorter RC, Wismeijer D, Broadbent JM

Article: Oral Health Care Needs Among Former Refugees of the War in Syria
Barazanchi A, Al Nabhani A, Chen A, Smith M, Broadbent JM

Article: Facilitators for, and barriers to, 12 New Zealand dentists implementation of non-invasive and micro-invasive methods of managing non-cavitated proximal lesions in their clinical practice
Smith LA, Schwendicke F, Baker SR, Thomson WM, Fontana M, Foster Page LA

Article: A supernumerary ectopic mandibular molar
Singleton C, Nastri A