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NZDJ December 2019

Article: New Zealanders’ Opinions on Public Funding for Adult Dental Care
Ling M, Soon S, Thomson WM

Article: A review of early childhood caries, risk factors and preventive strategies
Kanagaratnam S, Schluter PJ

Article: Surface Crack in Flexure versus the Vickers Indentation Method for calculating Fracture Toughness in two veneering porcelains
Jansen van Vuuren W-A, Al-Amleh B, Alkharusi A, Dohan Z, Waddell JN

Abstracts: The Sir John Walsh Research Institute Research Day 2019

NZDJ September 2019

Article: Optimum follow-up time following lower third molar coronectomy- a clinical audit and literature review
Chapman L, Tong D

Article: Ameloblastoma: Demographic data and treatment outcomes from Waikato Hospital, New Zealand
Hung TC, Singh T

Article: Bacterial adhesion to human enamel after enameloplast
Meredith L, Mei L, Farella M, Cannon RD

Abstracts: Faculty of Dentistry Clinical Excellence Day abstracts

NZDJ June 2019

Article: Variation of powder/liquid ratios of capsulated glass-ionomer materials
Mulder R, Mohamed N

Article: Strategies for the management of biofilm on silicone maxillofacial prosthesis – a review of the literature
Ma R, Lyons K, Mei L

Article: Accessing orthodontic advice following referral: A survey of parents’ perceptions
King T, Jiang Y, Fowler PV, Lee M

Index: New Zealand Dental Journal Volume 114 – 2018

NZDJ March 2019

Article: New Zealand oral health practitioners’ cross-infection control practices 
Lamb AW, Hong CL, De Silva HL, Thomson WM, Broadbent JM

Article: Influence of ceramic thickness and cavity design optimization on fracture resistance of partial coverage restorations. 
van Lierop J, Moodley D, Mulder R

Article: Pasifika adolescents’ recommendations for increasing access to oral health care 
Smith LA, Cameron C, Waqawai A, Foster Page L, Richards R

Article: A case of cervical necrotising fasciitis following dental extraction 
Fisher C, Singh T