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This programme aims to encourage NZDA dentists to consider supporting a local school to become water-only. By adopting a water-only policy, a school will become committed to make water and low-fat plain milk as the only drinks available at their school. To improve the oral health of our children, the Association is encouraging all schools in New Zealand to become water-only.

We encourage our members to make use of Adopt a School Toolkit to support a local school to become water-only. There are other healthy drink options such as water and low fat plain milk and we hope through the support of local dentists schools will be more willing to go sugary drink free.

Dentists resources:

The following resources are available for NZDA dentists wishing to support a local school to become water-only. 

  • Adopt a School Toolkit
  • NZDA PowerPoint
  • Educational leaflets

In addition, Colgate is supplying free toothpastes and toothbrushes to all schools supported by NZDA dentists to become water-only. 

The toolkit has plenty of useful information for dentists including template of letters to schools, water-only policy template, step by step guide to support a school,and contact details of people who can support you in your region. However, if you need further information, or have any questions please contact the NZDA-Colgate Oral Health Promotion Manager.

Dentists Resources

You can download the toolkit here. For educational leaflets, PowerPoint presentation and Colgate products please contact the Oral Health Promotion Manager