NZDJ June 2015

Article: Factors influencing the use of oral health services among adolescents in New Zealand
Børsting T, Stanley J, Smith M

Article: Direct pulp capping of permanent teeth in New Zealand general dental practice – A practice based research study
Friedlander L, McElroy K, Daniel B, Cullinan M, Hanlin S

Article: A qualitative study of the meaning of oral health and self-care for 40 Dunedin residents living on lower incomes
Fitzgerald RP, Thomson WM, Huakau G, Darrou M, Gilmore D, Sadler H, Bell RJ, Danse V, Broad B, Broughton JR

Article: Trends in paediatric maxillofacial trauma presenting to Dunedin Hospital, 2006 to 2012
Jung TK, De Silva HL, Konthasingha PP, Tong DC