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The NZDA Introduction to Dental Assisting is a one-month module offered to dental assistants as a basic overview to dental assisting. It provides the introductory skills and knowledge necessary to work safely and effectively in a dental practice with patients, staff, visitors and suppliers.

The one-month module is recommended for dental assistants that have either commenced work in a dental practice without any prior training or for those re-entering the workplace after having spent time away from dental assisting.

The Introduction to Dental Assisting can be completed at the beginning of any month, between the months of April and October. This course is available to staff working for NZDA members and can be used and an introductory platform for those interested in completing the yearlong NZDA Certificate in Dental Assisting course.

Note: This course is not a prerequisite for the certificate course nor is it recognised as prior learning for the certificate course.

The Introduction to Dental Assisting covers the following topics:

  1. Work ethically
  2. Communicate effectively
  3. Maintain personal hygiene
  4. Use personal protective equipment
  5. Limit contamination
  6. Handle sharps safely
  7. Identify hazards and control risk
  8. Identify teeth and assist with charting

Students enrolled in this course will receive one learner guide booklet with written self-assessment tasks to be completed. Students will also be provided a username and password for completion of the related online assessment, accessing learning tutorials and online charting scenarios. 

Students will have one month to read their learner guide and complete their online assessment. Upon conclusion of the module, completed course material needs to be sent into NZDA within the stipulated time frame for review. Students will be issued with a certificate of completion once materials have been received by NZDA.


Download the registration form for the Introduction to Dental Assisting Course below.