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NZDJ December 2020

Article: Does processing of wholegrain foods affect salivary pH or dental plaque accumulation? A randomised crossover trial among adults with type 2 diabetes
Reynolds AN, Åberg S, Diep Pham HT, Mann JI, Broadbent JM

Article: Common medications among dental outpatients – an update
Kenny C, Oldfield L, Broadbent JM, Tong D

Article: Uptake and experience of visual magnification and illumination aids by Otago University Bachelor of Dental Surgery students’
Barazanchi A, Smith SW, Han J, Reid T, Lyons K

Article: NZ dentists’ views on community water fluoridation in 2019
Edwards JP, Mitchell MD, Monk JH, Thomson WM

NZDJ September 2020

Article: Mechanical properties of denture base resin materials: CAD/CAM versus traditional heat-cure
Jansen van Vuuren W-A, Jansen van Vuuren L, Aarts J, Hanlin S, Waddell JN

Article: Oral health information for at-risk patients in community pharmacies: A feasibility study
Morgaine KC, Aitken WAE, Meldrum AM

Article: Granular Cell Tumour of the tongue – a case report and literature review
Antunovic DM, Hunt J

NZDJ June 2020

Article: Graft versus Host Disease: Cases from New Zealand with Oral Manifestations 
McElroy KE, Seo BL, Hussaini HM, Rich AM

ArticlePreppr: Analytical software for measuring and collecting tooth preparation parameters
Tiu J, Tiu J, Al-Amleh B, Waddell JN

Article: Poor Oral Health in Long-Term Care Facility Residents: Two Illustrative Cases
Sweetapple KM

Article: Removal of a deeply displaced root on the maxillary sinus floor by piezosurgery and lateral sinus lift: A case report 
Ngeow WC, Foo QC

NZDJ March 2020

Article: How Psychologically Healthy are New Zealand Dentists
The Prevalence of Psychological Conditions from the NZDA Wellness Survey Moir F, Fernando AT, Patten B, Kumar R, Narshai U

Article: Sports mouthguards: a review
Petterson CR, van Wichen AE, Antoun JS, Bennani V, Farella M

Article: Comment. Public Sector Oral Health Service Provision for High Needs and Vulnerable New Zealanders
Smith MB, Ferguson CA, Thomson WM