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World Oral Health Day (WOHD)  |   20 March 2024

A HAPPY MOUTH IS... not merely a slogan; it’s a way of life. It celebrates and promotes the multi-faceted nature of oral health, revealing its significant connections to our overall well-being.

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) serves as a vital reminder that a healthy mouth is integral to our overall health, well-being, and quality of life. Poor oral health can lead to pain and discomfort, social isolation, and loss of self-confidence and poor education and health outcomes.

This year’s campaign focuses on “A Happy Mouth”- and is illustrated by “A Happy Body” thus emphasising the link between oral health and general health. 

Join Toothie, FDI’s beloved oral health mascot, and NZDA to celebrate World Oral Health Day this year! 

Send your entries to [email protected]
All competition entries close 5pm Friday 5 April. 


Competition: Primary School Children

(Ages 12 and under)

All entries go into the draw to win one of 2x $100 Whitcoulls vouchers 

Toothie the Beaver travelled all the way from Switzerland to talk to the children of New Zealand on keeping a happy mouth, but he has lost his voice, and we need your help to tell his story. 

Can you look at the pictures and guess what Toothie the beaver was trying to say?   

Picture 1

Picture of children brushing teeth

Picture 2

Picture of pea sizedtoothpaste

Picture 3

Picture of sugary treats

Picture 4

Visiting thedentist regularly

Now that we have written a story for Toothie, how about we send him some cheer to make him feel better. Can you colour these pictures and send them to us?

We will make sure Toothie the Beaver receives them! 

WOHD24 kidsactivity2 EN coloring page
WOHD24 kidsactivity4 EN toothie colouring page

Competition: Adolescents 

(Ages 13 to 17) 

All entries go in the draw to one of 2 x Electric toothbrushes (valued at $100 each).

  • Create a 1min video about what you can do to maintain good oral health 


  • Using inspiration from Tootie, design your own campaign poster showcasing “A Happy mouth is a Happy body”.

See Resources to spread the word | World Oral Health Day for information.


Competition: General

A healthy mouth plays a significant role in protecting overall health. 

Managing the four main risk factors for oral diseases – an unhealthy diet high in sugar, tobacco use, harmful alcohol consumption, and poor oral hygiene – is important for overall health. 


#BrushandBoogie.  Add the star-studded Tootie effect available on Instagram and Facebook and create a fun reel or post with a video or photo of you brushing your teeth while you boogie to your favourite tune. Tag us on Instagram page - you can challenge your friends and whānau to do the same.

See #BrushandBoogie | World Oral Health Day for more information.

Remember to use the hashtags #WOHD24 #HappyMouth


All entries go in the draw to win one of 2x NZDA hamper packs.

See Resources to spread the word | World Oral Health Day for more resources