The Challenge

The Switch to Water Challenge is all about switching your sugary drinks to water for 30 days. Yes, it is as simple as that! This Challenge helps you to set a realistic goal to reduce the amount of sugar you consume. The aim of this Challenge is to build better habits, with water becoming your drink of choice over time.

It is easy to take the Challenge. Simply sign up and commit to switching your sugary drinks to water for 30 days. 

To make it fun we have set up three categories – Individuals, Workplaces and Schools.

Adults can choose to take the challenge on their own or as part of a workplace team. Kids can take the Challenge by registering as a school team.

Promotional Period

The promotion commences at 8am on Monday 15 October 2018 and ends at 5pm on Friday 9 November 2018. You can sign up anytime between this period.

Challenge Period

You can start the 30 days challenge anytime between 1 and 9 November. The 30 days challenge period commences on Thursday 1st November 2018 and ends after 30 days of taking the challenge. 

If you start the challenge on 1 November, then your challenge will end on 30 November. If you start the challenge on last day of promotional period, 9 November, then your challenge will end on 8 December 2018.



By taking this Challenge under this category you have a chance to win one of the two fabulous Oral B Smart 5000 Rechargeable Dual Handle Toothbrush. It has five modes (Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Sensitive, Massage and Whitening) and three brush heads (cross action, 3D white and floss action). This toothbrush features a timer, built-in pressure sensor, which will alert you and reduce speed to ensure right pressure on your gums. This also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and app for smart coaching.   


Get your studnets and staff swap sugary drinks for water in November. All participating schools will go in the draw to win;

  • Olympian Eliza McCartney school visit
  • $500 towards a water fountain
  • $500 towards sports equipment


Register your workplace to take the challenge. All participating workplaces will go into a draw to win $500 towards a team building activity.