Switch to Water

Switch to Water

Take the challenge for better health and a better smile

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Switch to Water and reap the rewards. Take the challenge with a range of health benefits. Sign up and you will be eligible to enter a draw to win cool prizes.

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The Switch to Water Challenge is all about switching your sugary drinks to water for 30 days. Yes, it is as simple as that! This Challenge helps you to set a realistic goal to reduce the amount of sugar you consume. 

We need water, not sugary drinks, for hydration. Switching your sugary drinks to water is a great first step towards a healthier you! 

Switch to Water

  • Naturally the best way to reydrate.
  • No calories.
  • Non-acidic.
  • 100% natural.
  • It's fresh, free and readily available on tap.

Take the challenge and kick start a healthy summer.