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  • Breast milk is recognised as the best form of nutrition for infants.
  • If a bottle is used always hold the baby while bottle-feeding and do not put the baby to bed with a bottle.
  • What you put in the bottle is very important for your child's oral health. Use only expressed breast milk or formula for bottle-feeding.
  • Do not put fruit juices or any other sweetened drinks in your baby's bottle. The sugar in the drinks can damage your child's baby teeth and cause early decay.
Baby feeding


Tooth-friendly foods and drinks are also those that are recommended for overall general health. Frequent consumption of high sugar containing foods and drinks can contribute to tooth decay. Also, sweet foods that stick to teeth for long time such as dried fruit products, chocolates, or those sweet foods that are kept in the mouth for a long time such as lollipops, are particularly harmful for teeth. 

To help maintain healthy teeth;

  • Select healthy nutritious snacks such as fruit pieces, cheese, chopped vegetables and sandwiches
  • Avoid eating sugary foods in between meals. If your child eats sweet sticky foods, they are best eaten at mealtimes rather than between meals
  • Acidic and sugary drinks including fruit drinks, fruit juices, cordials, soft drinks and sport drinks are not recommended for infants and toddlers.
Toddler feeding