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Occlusion's importance, often underestimated, is pivotal in avoiding chipping, restoration failures, chronic pain, and pulp death. This course equips dental professionals with crucial occlusal management knowledge, integrating theory into treatment planning. It offers concise theoretical insights and practical guidance, focusing on applying occlusal principles clinically to formulate and execute optimal schemes. Participants explore essential clinical applications, learning occlusion assessment, adjustment, and polishing to prolong dental work's life. Aimed at bridging theory and practice gaps, this course enhances occlusal management in daily clinical settings, ensuring better patient outcomes.

Learning outcomes

1. Develop an understanding of occlusal concepts, their evolution, and their relevance to modern dental practice. 2. Understand the cornerstones of stable occlusion and their importance in dental health. 3. Navigate the complex relationships between the TMJs and various occlusal positions, including Centric Relation, Adapted Centric Relation, and Maximum Intercuspation, along with their clinical implications. 4. Understand when and how to use Bimanual Manipulation, Leaf Gauges, Lucia Jigs, and Kois Deprogrammers for optimal results. 5. Gain practical insights into accurate bite registration, including tips and techniques to enhance clinical outcomes using silicone bite registration material and digital scans. 6. Understand occlusal considerations in various rehabilitative scenarios, including single units, full arch rehabilitation, and dental implant restorations 7. Acquire knowledge of the necessary tools and armamentarium for checking and adjusting occlusions to achieve optimal results. 8. Master the techniques for occlusal adjustment and polishing to ensure optimal fit and comfort for the patient.


Dr Basil Al-Amleh BDS

BIOGRAPHY Basil graduated with his BDS in 2001 and a Clinical Doctorate in Prosthodontics in 2011 from the University of Otago. Following his studies, he served as a Senior Lecturer in Dental Biomaterials Science at Otago, where he lectured and tutored both undergraduate and postgraduate students. His research interests were focused on dental ceramics failure and fractography, resulting in numerous authored and co-authored research publications, as well as chapters in implantology textbooks. After several years as a Consultant Prosthodontist overseas, Basil has recently returned to New Zealand to establish Optima Prosthodontics, a Specialist Prosthodontics practice located in Auckland. Additionally, he serves as a visiting Prosthodontist in Hamilton one day a week. With over 22 years of clinical experience, Basil has developed a reputation for excellence in Prosthodontics, complex dental rehabilitations, implant treatments, and cosmetic dentistry. He is very passionate about training and education and enjoys teaching. He lectures across New Zealand to general dentists on complex dental treatment management, cosmetic dentistry, and TMDs. He is also a guest speaker at AUT, delivering lectures to senior Oral Health Therapy students.

NZACD - Mastering Dental Occlusion

Dr Basil Al-Amleh BDS
Saturday 2nd Nov 2024
8:30am - 5:00pm
Venue: Ivoclar
12 Omega Drive
Region: Auckland
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