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Fluoride Free Billboard ASA Ruling

Fluoride Free NZ placed a billboard advertisement in Petone, Wellington for the month of May 2017.

A complaint from Dr K Fuge and Dr S Palmer was made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the billboard which showed an image of discoloured teeth with the description “Photo: 17 year old Wellington boy” and stated:

“Fluoride poisoning staring you in the face. 41% of NZ children have some form of dental fluorosis according to MoH 2009 Oral Health Survey. www.fluoride”

The Advertising Standard Complaints Board has ruled the complaint against Fluoride Free NZ’s billboard advertisement is Upheld, in part.

The Complaints Board said this aspect of the advertisement was in breach of Rule 2, Rule 3 and Rule 11 of the Code of Ethics and the advertisement had not been prepared with a due sense of social responsibility to consumers and society required by Basic Principle 4 of the Code of Ethics.

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