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Following tooth extraction, the natural healing process invariably results in loss of alveolar ridge height and width. Up to half of the ridge width can be lost following the first 12 months of extraction. Such significant loss can compromise our ability to restore the defect without significant surgical interventions at a later stage. The use of appropriate biomaterials at the time of extraction can effectively compensate for much of this bone loss. Preserving the ridge dimensions will help simplify future treatments. It is imperative that all general dental clinicians performing extractions are aware of the benefits of ridge preservation and so have the ability to present this information to their patients prior to extraction. This will ensure that patients can make informed decisions about their treatment. We will have a Hands on ridge preservation exercise using specially designed models Use the same non-sterile biomaterials required for patient treatment

Learning outcomes

Attendees will: Be able to use confidently discuss ridge preservation with their patient before the extraction is planned Be able to perform a simple ridge preservation procedure Gain general biomaterial knowledge


Dr Anita Zaveri BDS (bombay), NZDREX 1997

Dr. Anita Zaveri is the product specialist with Geistlich ANZ. She looks after many areas of NZ, including Wellington in a part time role. She has her own private dental practice in Auckland, where she works two days and has had the privilege of using Geistlich biomaterials. She is passionate about education in general and has previously been the Auckland and Northland area representative for many years, for the Dental assistants course run by the NZD

Morris Wong BSc, PGDipSci, BDS, MDS, MRACDS (Perio)

Morris Wong was born and raised in Palmerston North, and graduated with a BSc in1985, followed by a post-graduate Diploma in Pharmacology. Morris completed his BDS at Otago in 1990, and gained an MDS in perio from Hong Kong University in 1997. He currently works in Periodontics and Dental Implants at Hutt Dental Specialists, Lower Hutt. He is also visiting Periodontist to Hutt Hospital, where he works primarily with the combined Cleft Lip and Palate team, and is involved in dental outreach to rural parts of Fiji. Memberships include Zealand Dental Association, New Zealand Society of Periodontology, Australia New Zealand Academy of Periodontology, Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, American Academy of Periodontology, Australasian Osseointergration Society, International Team for Implantology. Morris is a former President of the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Dental Association. And current treasurer. Spare time is usually spent with family, involvement in the Anglican Chinese Church and writing periodontal reports. Interests for now are skiing, snow boarding, tramping, running, basketball, and music.

The science and practice of ridge preservation

Dr Anita Zaveri BDS (bombay), NZDREX 1997
Morris Wong BSc, PGDipSci, BDS, MDS, MRACDS (Perio)
Wednesday 22nd May 2024
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Hutt Dental Specialists
Level 3, 52 Queens Drive
Lower Hutt
Region: Wellington
Brought to you by Lower Hutt Study Group
Hutt Dental Specialist
Level 3, Collins & May Building
44-52 Queens Drive
New Zealand