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Workshop 1 – 26th July 2024 Introduction to dental implant removable prosthesis Rationale for dental implant over dentures Understanding the different types of implant over dentures Prosthetic driven surgical implant treatment planning for implant over dentures The difference between Implant Supported (RP4) and Implant Stabilised (RP5) prosthesis Key implant positions to support various implant prosthetic solutions Impression taking techniques. Verification jigs and their uses Critical steps in the dental implant overdenture workflow Workshop 2 – 27th July 2024 Hands on training of critical steps in the implant over denture workflow The use of intra oral scanners for implant overdenture workflow Deep dive into cases and detailed assessment of each critical step Guest lecture from master dental technician on the keys to success Trouble shooting common problems in implant overdenture cases Mock patients cases to test applied knowledge from the course Live patients to demonstrate critical steps in the implant removable prosthesis workflow

Learning outcomes

- Appreciate the different implant removable prosthetic solutions - Have a deep understanding for the advantages and disadvantages of implant removal prosthesis - Differentiate between an implant supported (RP4) and implant stabilized (RP5) removable prosthesis - Understand the difference between the implant bar overdenture systems - Understand the difference between the most common used implant precision attachments for removable prosthesis - Ability to tailor implant removable prosthetic treatment plan to the patients unique needs - Develop the skills to accurate take impressions of multiple implants using analogue and digital techniques - Deploy the use of verification jigs in implant dentistry - Design different removable implant prosthetics using case studies


Dr Sheng Zhang

Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, International Dental Implant Association and International Academy of Dentofacial Esthetics. Dr Sheng Zhang is a general dentist with a special interest and practice limited to periodontics and implantology. He has studied extensively around the world learning from the leaders in the field. Dr Sheng is a published author, and his thesis was on Albumin Concentrated Growth Factors (Alb-CGF) in the sinus lift procedure. He has developed novel techniques with the use of autologous blood concentrates as an adjunct to guided bone regeneration. Dr Sheng has specifically designed this course for those experienced implantologists wishing to expand their GBR skills. He will be showing you highly predictable techniques which works in general practice

The Complete Implant Removable Prosthesis

Dr Sheng Zhang
Friday 26th Jul 2024 - Saturday 27th Jul 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm
Region: Auckland
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