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The vast majority of chronic periodontitis today can be managed non-surgically. However, in some cases the diseases may not completely resolve signified by residual pockets. These cases may require further surgical management and is often associated with infra-bony and inter-radicular defects. This course has been specifically designed for the general dental practitioners who would like to comprehensively manage their periodontitis patients by upskilling in surgical management strategies. Traditional open flap access and Modified Widman flaps will be explored in depth. Cases with reverse bony architecture requiring osseous resective therapies and the Fibre Retention Osseous Resective Technique (FibReORS) will be taught. The second part of the course transfers these clinical skills of flap elevation with resective soft and/or hard tissue technique to the realm of functional crown lengthening and cosmetic crown lengthening in the general practice. The mastery of these skills works complimentarily in optimising the perio-restorative interface to give our patients long lasting healthy restorations with the best possible soft tissue aesthetics. This course is a mix of lectures, live patient surgeries, hands on workshops using both dental models and pig jaws. Day 1 – Friday 22nd November 2024 Periodontology 101 -Identify and understand the significance of periodontal bony defects. -Evidence based management of different periodontal bony defects and furcations. -Introduction to Minimally Invasive Surgical Therapies (MIST). -Management of complications associated with surgical periodontal management. -Workshops: Hands on surgical training using periodontal models Day 2 – Saturday 23rd November 2024 -Patient assessment for functional and cosmetic crown lengthening in general practice. -Apply Digital Smile Design concepts in cosmetic crown lengthening. -Understand the technique variations of gingivectomy versus apical repositioned flaps and the need for osseous recontouring. -Apply Biologically oriented preparation techniques (BOPT) with functional crown lengthening -Management of gingival hyperplasia by the general dentist. -Workshops: Hands on surgical training using pig jaws.

Learning outcomes

-Understand the evaluation process to proceed from non-surgical periodontal management to surgical management -Explain the difference between positive and reverse osseous architecture -Be able to diagnose and identify periodontal bony defects -Be able to explain the stages and steps involved in planning and executing periodontal surgery, access flaps and osseous resective surgeries -Identify the limitations of periodontal management of teeth with furcation involvement and their prognosis -Understand the significance of supracrestal tissue and its interplay with different facets of dentistry -Identify consequences of supracrestal tissue violations -Appreciate the causes of gingival hyperplasia -Define crown lengthening and its indications and contraindications -Identify, assess, plan and implement gingivectomy, aesthetic crown lengthening and functional crown lengthening -Implemented Digital Smile Design into cosmetic crown lengthening -Management of gingival hyperplasia in the dental setting -Appreciate the complications that may arise and their management in periodontal surgery


Dr Sheng Zhang

Dr Sheng Zhang is a general dentist with a special interest and practice limited to periodontics and implantology. He has studied extensively around the world learning from the leaders in the field. Dr Sheng is a published author, and his thesis was on Albumin Concentrated Growth Factors (Alb-CGF) in the sinus lift procedure. He has developed novel techniques with the use of autologous blood concentrates as an adjunct to guided bone regeneration. Dr Sheng has specifically designed this course for those who are embarking on their periodontal education or those clinicians wishing to develop a deeper understanding of Periodontics.

Dr Sheng Zhang 

Surgical Management of Periodontitis and Crown Lengthening


Dr Sheng Zhang

Friday 22nd Nov 2024 - Saturday 23rd Nov 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Dental Artistry Academy
38 Broadway, Newmarket
Region: Auckland
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