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Smile Design includes the involvement of not just the teeth but also the gingival contour, the lips, and other proportions relative to the face. This presentation will provide the foundational principles to incorporate smile design in a pragmatic way and will share clinical cases to share the impact which smile design planning has on the outcome of your clinical cases. We will discuss a pragmatic sequence to help clinicians design their anterior aesthetic treatment to deliver well balanced outcomes for their patients. We will additionally apply these principles when reviewing clinical cases. With a history in aesthetic clinical education, Dr. Calavassy will provide another building block in achieving successful and reproducible results using direct bonded composite resin materials in the anterior zone.

Learning outcomes

Foundational principles to incorporate smile design into dental practice Sequence to designing anterior aesthetic treatment Apply principles of smile design when reviewing clinical cases


Dr Fred Calavassy BDS, FICD, FPFA

Dr Fred Calavassy is sought after for his inspiring “no-nonsense' style of education which is focussed on achieving clinical excellence. His understanding of the clinical environment and the direct application of techniques in the clinical setting, combined with his passion for providing high quality patient care, engages his audiences and allows them to take the challenge of change. As a student of many aspects of dentistry, Fred devotes time to ongoing education and is constantly striving to impart his learning in a motivating, captivating manner. He was an active member of the part time teaching faculty at Sydney University being involved in the undergraduate fixed prosthodontic, tooth conservation and oral health courses, was awarded Clinical Associate, and also commenced his own private practice in Sydney. He has held memberships of various dental associations and is a Fellow of both the International College of Dentists (FICD) and of the Pierre Fauchard Academy (FPFA). His current role as the Clinical Director for Abano Healthcare group sees him providing clinical support and oversight to over 250 dental practices and teams in the brands of Maven Dental and 1300Smiles in Australia and Lumino the Dentists in New Zealand. His enthusiasm is infectious, and individuals are propelled by his guidance toward applying the knowledge learnt in their own clinical environment.

Smile Design

Dr Fred Calavassy BDS, FICD, FPFA
Wednesday 26th Jun 2024
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Lumino Support Office
Level 11, AON Centre
29 Customs Street West
Region: Auckland
Brought to you by Lumino The Dentists
Level 11, AON Centre,
29 Customs Street West
New Zealand