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Stepwise guide to a conservative aesthetic option for your patients Develop confidence in designing and delivering a conservative aesthetic option for patients. Dr Shepperson will walk through every aspect of veneer delivery, from initial risk assessment, material selection and treatment steps. Topics include Design and case planning Use digital planning tools to develop your design. Material options: composite or porcelain? Prep design - locating features, depth reduction and margins Provisionals - different techniques The wax-up and trial smile. Functional checks to ensure success Cementation - simplifying a complex procedure Finishing, polishing and occlusal review. Hands-on mock-up, tooth preparation, temporisation, cementation

Learning outcomes

Learning Objectives Why design, planning and the mock-up are critical to success. Learn how to correctly prep veneers on models Learn the role occlusion and design play in the success of veneers Understand the materials available and how to use them effectively

Further information 

Dr Andrea Shepperson

Dr Andrea Shepperson graduated from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand in 1984. She has more than 30 years of experience as a general dentist with a special interest in cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry, implants in the smile zone and dental erosion. She treats patients from around New Zealand. Dr Shepperson was Chairman of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry from 2005-2009 and is an Honorary Life Member of the NZACD. Her clinical interest is in the functional rehabilitation of the worn dentition and she lectures globally on aesthetic and functional reconstruction. Dr Shepperson is a Graduate and Mentor at the Kois Center in Seattle. She has been working with Christian Coachman and Digital Smile Design since 2012 and is a Master Clinician for Digital Smile Design. Her lectures are built around the DSD concept, blending a functional awareness with smile design. She has authored numerous articles and contributed to a text book on aesthetic dentistry. She lectures regularly in Australia and NZ, running mini-residencies and hands-on programmes throughout Australasia.

Dr Andrea Shepperson 

Porcelain Veneers – A Comprehensive Guide

Dr Andrea Shepperson
Wednesday 18th Sep 2024 - Thursday 19th Sep 2024
9:00am - 4:30am
Centre for Professional Development
1 Atchison Street
Region: St Leonards Nsw, Australia
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