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Are you a new graduate dentist looking for CPD that will teach you the practical skills you need to feel confident in everyday general practice? The ADA NSW New Graduate Residency is designed to build on your existing skills and create a solid foundation for your future endeavours. A course is designed to improve your diagnostic, treatment planning and clinical skills in everyday children's dentistry. Gain the required knowledge and skills required to deliver high quality dentistry to all children. This course will emphasise on methods to achieve definitive diagnoses, including how to take radiographs in children. Better understand the delicate treatment planning considerations of children and gain skills to formulate ideal and individual treatment options and modalities for each child. In addition, gain the skills to communicate treatment plans to parents or guardians. Engage in the hands-on components of this course to practice placing stainless steel crowns, performing pulpotomies and constructing space maintainers.

Learning outcomes

Develop the necessary skills to efficiently diagnose the common dental conditions seen in children Develop strategies to improve treatment planning in children's dentistry as well as determining when to use sedation in children Understand how orthodontic considerations play a role in treatment planning Develop skills in how to communicate better with children and their parents Improve hand skills in preparing and cementing stainless steel crowns and space maintainers Learn the indications and techniques used for performing pulpotomies.

Further information 

Dr Udit Bhatnagar

Dr Udit Bhatnagar (BOHDSc, GDipDent, DClinDent (Paed Dent), FPFA) is a specialist paediatric dentist. He obtained his undergraduate dental degree from Griffith University (QLD) in 2010 and his postgraduate specialty degree in paediatric dentistry from the University of Melbourne (VIC) in 2016. Udit is based in Sydney and works in both the private and public sector. He also owns a specialist paediatric dental practice (Children's Dental Specialist Sydney). Udit is an active member of multiple associations and is heavily involved in mentoring general dentists and trainee specialists.

Dr Udit Bhatnagar 

Paediatrics in General Dental Practice

Dr Udit Bhatnagar
Saturday 24th Aug 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm
Centre for Professional Development
1 Atchison Street
Region: St Leonards Nsw, Australia
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