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Poor dental records expose dentists and patients to risks. The Dental Records Course is a result of expert consensus on expectations for dental record keeping in Australia. Completion of the course is associated with 2-hours of scientific CPD credit and the course provides an interactive means by which dentists and dental team members can acquire important knowledge on the DBA’s dental record keeping requirements. The course covers all legislation relevant to dental records in Australia, where to find guidelines and resources to assist with meeting documentation obligations. Practical examples of record keeping applications in clinical practice are provided for clarity of expectations set out by legislation and guidelines.

Learning outcomes

Recognise which laws and guidelines are relevant to dental records Identify the critical components of a complete dental record Utilise practical examples and aides to assist with competent dental record keeping

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Online Dental Records and Consent Course is an online course. Log in details will be sent to you when we get closer to the date

Online Dental Records and Consent Course

Sunday 30th Jun 2024
12:00am - 2:00am
Region: St Leonards Nsw, Australia
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