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Periodontitis is a chronic multifactorial inflammatory disease associated with dysbiotic dental biofilms. Periodontitis is a major public health problem due to its high prevalence and negative effect on chewing function and aesthetics. It is estimated half of the world’s population have periodontitis with approximately 10% of the population exhibiting a severe form. Patients with chronic periodontitis are readily present within our dental practices but the disease is often poorly managed due to a lack of comprehensive understanding. This course is designed for dentists, oral health therapists and dental hygienist to confidently manage most periodontally affected patients in their practice. The course provides a deep dive into the biology, aetiology and pathogenesis of periodontitis. More importantly evidence-based non-surgical management and maintenance strategies will be clearly demonstrated so you can apply these protocols into your practice immediately. The modern approach of Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Therapy (MINST) will also be covered. The course is a mix of lectures, live patient demonstrations and over half a day dedicated to hands on training using periodontal models. Clinical skills using ultrasonics and hand curettes will be extensively covered.

Learning outcomes

-Understand the components of the periodontium and their significant in periodontal disease -Develop an appreciation for the importance of soft tissue in dentistry -Aetiology of Periodontal Disease -Classification and diagnosis of periodontal disease and formulate a Personal Care Plan -Manage periodontitis by perform evidence based Step 1 and Step 2 treatment -Determine risk profile for periodontal compromised patients and their ongoing management plan -Understand the goals of non-surgical treatment Identify the tools and their use in non-surgical treatment -Strategies for periodontal instrument maintenance -Protocols for non-surgical instrumentation -Introduction to Minimally Invasive therapies and the MINST approach -Have a thorough understanding of Periodontal Maintenance therapies -Understand the evaluation process to proceed from nonsurgical periodontal management to surgical management -Patient communication techniques in managing periodontal disease


Dr Sheng Zhang

Dr Sheng Zhang is a general dentist with a special interest and practice limited to periodontics and implantology. He has studied extensively around the world learning from the leaders in the field. Dr Sheng is a published author, and his thesis was on Albumin Concentrated Growth Factors (Alb-CGF) in the sinus lift procedure. He has developed novel techniques with the use of autologous blood concentrates as an adjunct to guided bone regeneration. Dr Sheng has specifically designed this course for those who are embarking on their periodontal education or those clinicians wishing to develop a deeper understanding of Periodontics.

Non-surgical Management of Periodontal Disease

Dr Sheng Zhang
Friday 13th Sep 2024 - Saturday 14th Sep 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm
38 Broadway, Newmarket
Region: Auckland
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