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Module 1: 15-16 September 2023 Periodontology 101 & Non-Surgical Management • Complete review of periodontology 101 - biology, aetiology, and pathogenesis. • Explore and develop a deep understanding for the 2017 Periodontal Disease Classification. • Evidence based management of periodontal disease including assessment, treatment, and maintenance in general practice. • Introduction to Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Therapies (MINST). • Understanding of exact equipment setup required for your practice and instrument maintenance. Bring your Dental Auxiliary to implement immediately into your hygiene department • Workshops: Hands-on training with powered and hand instruments on periodontal models. • Live patient highlighting techniques for split mouth debridement, periodontal review, and supportive periodontal therapy. Module 2: 10-11 November 2023 Surgical Periodontal Management & Functional Crown Lengthening • Evidence based management of different periodontal bony defects and furcation. Introduction to micro-surgical techniques and Minimally Invasive Surgical Therapies (MIST). • Functional crown lengthening procedures in general practice. • Workshops: Hands-on clinical training on periodontal models. • Live patients for surgical management of periodontal disease and functional crown lengthening. Module 3: 12-13 January 2024 Cosmetic Crown Lengthening & Regenerative Therapies in Periodontics • Cosmetic crown lengthening procedures in general practice. • Digital smile design principles for cosmetic crown lengthening and transferring digital plan to the mouth. • Prosthetic and surgical protocols for achieving the perfect white and pink balance. • Explore the modern era of periodontal regenerative therapies. • Understand the keys to regenerative surgery and protocol for success. • Gain a thorough knowledge of biomaterials for regeneration and their clinical indications for use. • Advanced microsurgical techniques including papilla preservation, minimally invasive surgical techniques, single flap approaches and entire papilla preservation flaps. • Workshops: Hands-on clinical training on animal models. • Live patients for cosmetic crown lengthening and regeneration surgery Module 4: 15-16 March 2024 Soft Tissue Plastics 1 • Develop a deep understanding for the importance of soft tissue quality in general practice. • Identify appropriate procedures for clinical problems and their indications. • Periodontal plastic surgery focusing on the classic mucogingival surgeries including frenectomy, apical repositioning flap, lateral repositioning flaps, papillary flaps, and free gingival grafts. • Workshops: Hands-on clinical soft tissue plastic training on periodontal models. • Live patient surgery for free gingival graft. Module 5: 3 - 4 May 2024 Soft Tissue Plastics 2 • Periodontal plastic surgeries focusing on recession coverage procedures. • Develop an understanding of surgery involving single and multiple teeth with a focus on Coronally Advanced Flap and Modified Tunnel techniques. • Exposure to different sources and techniques for connective tissue harvesting. • Combining plastics with restorative treatments. • Workshops: Hands-on clinical soft tissue plastic training on animal models. • Live patient surgery for recession coverage. Module 6: 19-20 July 2024 Peri-implant Disease Management • Develop a deeper knowledge on prevention and management of peri-implant disease. • Clinical protocols for implant maintenance in the general practice. • Hard tissue and soft tissue surgical techniques for the compromised implant. • Latest technologies for decontaminating failing implants. • Workshop: Hands-on clinical training on implant models. • Live patient non-surgical and surgical management of peri-implant disease.

Learning outcomes

This is an advanced theory and clinical training program for general dentists looking to expand their knowledge in periodontology and to provide periodontal treatment to their patients. It is designed so you can immediately implement periodontal procedures into your general practice safely and successfully. The education delivered is based on a complete review of the literature on Periodontology with a summation of over 500 articles and reviews. The course focuses on the latest evidence-based procedures with proven long-term outcomes. The structure of the course is a combination of didactic, hands-on workshops and live surgeries of the procedures taught. The 6 modules run over one year so you are supported in your clinical practice and have mentorship as you follow your patients through their periodontal treatment journey. You will be supported with 6 bi-monthly tutorials which allow further integration of knowledge and provide support for case


Dr Sheng Zhang

BDS (Adelaide University, University Medal) BOH (Sydney University) MDscImplants (UJI), GradDipOrtho (JCU) Fellow Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS) Fellow International Dental Implant Association, Fellow International Academy for Dentofacial Esthetics Practice limited to periodontology & implantology Owner of Dental Artistry, an award winning boutique dental practice in Auckland with a focus on implants, periodontics and cosmetic dentistry

Mini Residency in Periodontics 2023-2024


Dr Sheng Zhang

Friday 15th Sep 2023 - Saturday 20th Jul 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm
Region: Auckland
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