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-Detailed pharmacological context behind the rationale for use of a hypnotic (Midazolam) and an opiate (Fentanyl) for dental sedation. -Appropriate protocols for two-drug administration and monitoring. -Gain access to the SST online program at no additional cost by way of your NZSSD membership. -Principles for safe sedation practice and patient selection when using multi-drug sedation. -Potential complications (and their management) that you may encounter during minimal to moderate procedural sedation, encompassing aspects of airway and circulatory adverse events. -Appropriate use of supplemental oxygen and relevance of capnography for monitoring respiratory adequacy and safety. -Receive an overview of capnography waveforms along with the tools for interpretation of common waveform patterns. -Tips and tricks on cannulation for patients with difficult veins. -How to improve your overall success rates for cannulation. -Simple ways to streamline and improve patient outcomes during sedation based on practical experiences and case discussions. To enroll email [email protected]

Learning outcomes

Learn how to move to the next level of IV sedation using two drugs


Don Macalister, Rohit Bedi

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IV Sedation 301 Midazolam + Fentanyl

Don Macalister, Rohit Bedi
Saturday 22nd Jun 2024
8:30am - 4:30pm
Region: Auckland
Brought to you by NZ Society for Sedation in Dentistry