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This is an introductory course for dentists looking to incorporate neuromodulators into their clinical practice. The course will provide the foundational knowledge on the therapeutic use of botulinum toxin to enhance dental treatment outcomes. The course comprises didactic teaching, practical hands-on training for preparation and administration of Botulinum Toxin. The course is open to Dentists, Oral Health Therapists and Dental Hygienists Day 1: Areas which will be covered include but not limited to: -Improving the cosmetic framing of the smile -Enhancement of natural facial features -Gummy smile treatment -Smoker’s lines -TMD and myofascial pain treatment -Oromandibular dystonias -Sialorrhea -Trigeminal neuralgias -Restorative loading and protection Day 2: Practical hands-on training for preparation of different brands of Botulinum toxins and practice training on manikins. Students may also register with the practice to have treatment provided on the day by students under supervision or by the instructors for treatments which meet clinical indications. A knowledge-based and clinical skills assessment will be completed as part of the program to receive a certificate of completion for the course. Clinicians will be able to introduce the teaching immediately into their clinical practice. Course contents are in line with NZDC decision on practice standards for advanced and new areas of practice June 2023. Following the course, all graduates are invited to join the COMPLIMENTARY Dental Artistry Academy Neuromodulators Study Group

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes that meet the New Zealand Dental Council (NZDC) guidance on advanced and new areas of practice June 2023 -Understand the patient assessment and consultation process for the use of Botulinum Toxin by dentists, oral heath therapists and dental hygienists within the scope of practice. Have a thorough knowledge of the legislation of the law around Authorised Prescribers and the need for a Standing Order for oral health therapists and dental hygienists to administer Botulinum Toxin. -Understand the pharmacology of Botulinum Toxins and its short- and long-term effects. -Thorough understanding of the indications and contraindications for the pharmaceutical agent. -In depth understanding of the anatomy, neurophysiology, musculature and circulatory system of the peri-oral region -Appreciate the different mechanisms of the facial ageing process -Knowledge of possible adverse reaction, strategies to limit complications and its management when it does occur -Ability to calculate proper dosing and delivery of Botulinum Toxin to patients -Review of sterile techniques for facial injectables -Demonstrate an ability to safely perform facial injectable treatments


Dr Sheng Zhang

Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, International Dental Implant Association and International Academy of Dentofacial Esthetics. Dr Sheng Zhang is a general dentist with specialty training in periodontics and implants, and practice limited to these fields. He has studied extensively around the world learning from the leaders in the field. Dr Sheng Zhang has a keen interest in the use of neuromodulators in everyday dentistry especially peri-surgical use and its application for pain management and temporomandibular joint disorder

Dr Sara Stockham

Dr Sara Stockham has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years. She has published research on the effect of periodontal bacteria on adverse pregnancy outcomes and completed a Masters researching the effect of tongue-tie on breastfeeding, growth, and orthodontic outcomes. Dr Sara also topped both her Dental Degree and Diploma in Orthodontics. She has completed a residency in snoring and sleep apnoea, a Graduate Diploma, Residency and Masters in Clinical Orthodontics and has traveled internationally to present her research. In Australia, Dr Sara was on the Faculty of Dr Derek Mahony Orthodontics Residency, working as both a clinician and clinical supervisor for dentists learning and practising orthodontics. Today, Dr Sara continues to mentor colleagues with orthodontic cases from Australia and New Zealand. At Dental Artistry she offers orthodontic and Invisalign treatment for patients of all ages, cosmetic, and general dentistry. She provides dento-facial treatments and antiageing procedures.

Introduction to Neuromodulators in the Dental Setting


Dr Sheng Zhang

Dr Sara Stockham

Friday 14th Feb 2025 - Saturday 15th Feb 2025
9:00am - 1:00pm
Venue: Dental Artistry Academy
38 Broadway, Newmarket
Region: Auckland
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