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Dear Esteemed Colleagues, CBCT interpretation course titled “Interpretation of CBCT – What a dental practitioner should know” can now be completed by participating in a Zoom Webinar conducted by Dr Amar Sholapurkar. This course is highly interactive right from the 1st slide of the presentation. Due to high demand, this course is held every month and is usually fully booked. Avail terrific discounts for Dr Sholapurkar’s Online Radiology courses for the year 2024. The special offer is as follows... A) For all Dentists - 10% discount B) Receive a 15% discount if you are a... • Fresh (graduated no more than 2 years out) uni graduate or an ADC graduate C) Also, contact me, Dr Sholapurkar (+61455-254-361), for group discounts. This course has been verified by the NZDA with Dr Sholapurkar as a course provider. CBCT interpretation course • Runs monthly and delivered by Zoom on Sundays • TIME: 10.30am - 6.30pm (NZ time) • 8 hours CPD (Additional hours can be earned if discussion are extended) • A$765 - A$810 (depending on discount). Original price was A$900 • NEXT COURSE: Sunday 11th August 2024 [ENROL NOW!] • Future dates are as follows:  Sunday 8th September  Sunday 13th October  Sunday 10th November  Sunday 8th December Click link below to check ( This course often fill up quickly, so I urge you to Register Now here ( to secure your place. For further details of 3 other Radiology courses click FAQs and Contact Information • For any questions check our FAQ’s page • For any further inquiries, feel free to call me at +61455 254 361 • All courses take place on Sundays and commence at 8:30 AM Brisbane time. Cheers, Dr Amar Sholapurkar

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes • Whether or not to take a CBCT of your patient – Indications for CBCT in detail. • What are the ideal requirements to view CBCT scans? • The systematic and sequential method of viewing small volume CBCT datasets (excluding TMJ’s). • A basic discussion of CBCT reference planes, Multiplanar reformatting, software navigation, drawing the arch, measurement tools and 3D rendering. • Anatomical review (Normal anatomical landmarks) of the Maxilla, Mandible and supporting structures in a small volume CBCT datasets (excluding TMJ’s). • Reviewing small volume CBCT scans for Implants including nerve tracing. • Reviewing small volume CBCT scans for 3rd molar evaluation and its relation to the IAN. • Reviewing small volume CBCT scans for Endodontic cases. • Reviewing small volume CBCT scans to evaluate dentoalveolar trauma. • Diagnosis of a few common dental and non-dental pathologies that a general dental practitioner may encounter in their day-to-day practice.

Further information 

Dr Amar Sholapurkar BDS, MDS (Oral Medicine and Radiology)

Dr Amar Sholapurkar is a Senior lecturer (Clinical Dentistry and Oral Radiology) & discipline lead of Oral Radiology at College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University (JCU), Cairns. Australia. He has more than a decade of global teaching (for both undergraduates and postgraduates) and research experience till date. Dr Sholapurkar is presently doing a part-time PhD at JCU, Cairns Campus. In the year 2021, Dr Amar has received the JCU Dean's learning & teaching award for his outstanding teaching at JCU. In addition to this he recently received the 2022 James Cook University Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Award' for his radiology teaching. He has completed his Masters in Oral Medicine and Radiology at the prestigious Manipal University, India. His career started in Manipal University as an Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) followed by Reader where he served as a specialist in Oral Medicine and Radiology. He also worked as Assistant Professor at University in the Middle East for couple of years. Over the past few years, he has received approval (from various state Radiation health authorities including VIC, QLD, NSW, TAS and WA) and running the Cone-beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) licensing course and OPG/Lat Ceph licensing course across Australia. He is also actively involved in conducting two highly interactive Dental Radiology lectures titled “Interpretation of CBCT – What a dental practitioner should know”? and “Tips for Interpreting and diagnosing everyday problems from dental radiographs” (2D radiography interpretation course) across Australia and NZ. These courses are verified by the NZ dental association. He has published more than 50 articles in reputed peer reviewed dental journals; have contributed 11 chapters in book and has extensive conference presentations. He has published (edited) a book titled: “Publish and Flourish – Practical Guide for effective scientific writing” and selected in the editorial board/peer review committee of about 5 Dental Journals. He has delivered Guest lectures/keynote lectures in Dental conventions/ specialty conferences/CPD activities in Australia and abroad.

Dr Amar Sholapurkar 

Interpretation of CBCT – What a dental practitioner should know – Sunday the 11th August 2024


Dr Amar Sholapurkar BDS, MDS (Oral Medicine and Radiology)

Sunday 11th Aug 2024
10:30am - 6:30pm
Venue: Online via zoom
Online via Zoom
Online via zoom
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