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Endorsed and delivered by the ADA this course is for dental practitioners, dental practice team members, industry and/or product representatives that require infection prevention and control (IPC) education that is specifically in relation to the practice of dentistry in Australia. Delivered either face-to-face or live online this is a comprehensive and engaging course that aims to streamline and support dental practitioners to adhere to the Dental Board of Australia’s (DBA) Code of Conduct within the context of IPC. As the premier source of IPC education for the profession, ADA NSW IPC courses constantly evolve supporting thousands of practice team members across Australia to confidently manage IPC risk to protect the public.

Learning outcomes

Understand the Australian professional, legal, and regulatory requirements for IPC See how various business models in dentistry impact the strategic direction of IPC program objectives Gain awareness of contemporary tools, documents, and resources to support practitioner self-reflection and good infection control Learn about relevant risk management frameworks applicable to a dental setting Understand the conditions that foster the spread of infectious disease and learn how to ‘Break the Chain’ Understand Standard and Transmission Based Precautions and when and how to apply Gain confidence for applying the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene in a dental setting Streamline decision making for when surgical aseptic technique would be applied Reflect on your approach and identify quality improvement opportunities for RMD management; and Understand key terminology for DUWLs and how this relates to action back at the practice.

Further information 

Kylie Robb

As the Head of Practice Services for ADA NSW, Kylie has been instrumental advocating for best practice in infection prevention and control (IPC) standards for the oral health profession across Australia and around the world. Kylie is a Fellow and Board Director of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control and has postgraduate qualifications in IPC and Health Services Management. Kylie holds the award of Advanced - Credentialed Infection Control Professional (CICP-A) and sits on several university External Reference Groups for infection control. Kylie was recognised by the World Health Organisation's Western Pacific Regional Office for her dental IPC expertise and the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America through her appointment onto their International Ambassadors Program.

Kylie Robb 

Infection Prevention and Control - Still Achieving Best Practice

Kylie Robb
Wednesday 30th Oct 2024
9:00am - 4:30pm
Centre for Professional Development
1 Atchison Street
Region: St Leonards Nsw, Australia
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