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Presentation will cover the following points: • Latest research updates from IADR meeting (International Association of Dental Research) on materials, emerging product categories and placement techniques • Current thinking on bonding, cementation & composite resins and ceramic materials • New advances on glass ionomer cements & reparative materials

Learning outcomes

Opportunity to update clinicians on some of the latest research from 2024 research meeting in New Orleans, and to share specific findings from this global meeting, in particular with regards to new developments, emerging materials and techniques Forum for general material and technique queries


Colleen Coulter

Colleen Coulter is the NZ manager for GC Corporation, a company well known for its advances in glass ionomer cements and their commitment to dental research and development. Colleen has been involved in the dental industry for over 20 years and is a current member of the IADR (International Association of Dental Research), regularly attending their annual overseas research meetings. She has an advanced Diploma from Lincoln University but her major areas of interest include the material science, in particular with regards to adhesion, glass ionomer cements, and the prevention/remineralization side of dentistry. She is actively involved in training and education, with a presenting role at the University of Otago as well as being an invited speaker at numerous branch, study group and NZDA meetings throughout New Zealand.

IADR Research & Material Update

Colleen Coulter
Thursday 30th May 2024
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Venue: Queen Street Dental
Region: Wellington
Brought to you by GC Corporation
143 Taylors Mistake
New Zealand