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DSD Made Easy

Creating this course was a year-long endeavor, and I'm proud to offer a unique protocol for 2D-3D smile design using freely accessible software. The 2D template and the 3D teeth library (10 upper teeth) included are exclusive to this course, and it's designed to be accessible across both Windows and Mac platforms. Beyond smile design, the course covers smile analysis, adding further value and depth.

Learning outcomes

- How to Capture a Perfect High-Definition Smile Photo Every Time - Mastering 2D Smile Analysis and Design with PowerPoint or Keynote, and 3D Digital Wax-Up with Medit Link - Facial Analysis: Avoiding Common Mistakes such as Midline Shift and Incisal Cant - Identifying Crucial Facial Landmarks for Designing the Smile Frame - Determining the Vertical and Horizontal Incisal Edge Position of Upper Central Incisors - Identifying Ideal Teeth Position/Proportions Using the Digital Smile Design (DSD) Template - Smile Simulation (Digital Mock-Up) - Additive (Motivational) Wax-up Reductive (Ideal) Wax-up Micro-aesthetic Smile Analysis

Further information 

Marwan Wadea BDS, MDent (Aesthetic Dentistry)

Is a smile designer and a restorative dentist practicing in New Zealand. He holds a master's degree in Aesthetic Dentistry from the University of Otago since 2017. Dr Wadea has been practicing in Auckland as an aesthetic dentist, focusing on smile makeovers and full-mouth rehabilitation. He is an executive board member of the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Marwan Wadea 

DSD Made Easy

Marwan Wadea BDS, MDent (Aesthetic Dentistry)
Monday 22nd Apr 2024 - Tuesday 31st Dec 2024
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue: Clean Teeth Dental
585 Beach Road, Rothesay Bay
Region: Auckland
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585 Beach Road, Rothesay Bay, Auckland
New Zealand