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This workshop is for clinicians who are interested in becoming digital or are already digital. It will provide you with an in depth look at the ZimVie Digital Dentistry workflow, enabling you to provide the best results for your patients.

Learning outcomes

The following topics will be discussed during this workshop: • What can Digital Dentistry do for you? • Why implement a Digital Workflow • BellaTek® Encode® Impression System • Intraoral Scanning • Encode® Empowered Laboratories • Provisional Restorations • Final Restorations • Digital Laboratory Analogs


Jennifer van der Wel

ZimVie Territory Manager - New Zealand

Digital Dentistry Workshop

Jennifer van der Wel
Thursday 1st Aug 2024
3:00am - 6:00am
Venue: Ramada Queenstown Central
24 Frankton Road
Brought to you by Biomet Australia Pty Ltd trading as ZimVie Dental
Suite 5, Level 8
15 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park