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ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development, in conjunction with Cutcher and Neale Accounting and Financial Services, is proud to host a dental finance webinar series specifically tailored to early career dentists. Get up to speed with finance essentials as a young practitioner and learn how to best navigate the more complex aspects of these responsibilities. This series is available FREE for Recent Graduate and Student members. Also open to established practitioners looking for current, best practice advice (see member and non-member rates available).

Learning outcomes

Webinar 1 One of the key financial aspects of commencing in business as a dentist is what entity or entities should be used when starting your financial journey. In this session we will elaborate on the typical structures that can be utilised as a dentist now and into the future. The complex world of taxation will (unfortunately!) be present throughout your working career and beyond. We will work through all the relevant taxes that you need to be made aware of, the many different tax rates across various structures and what tax minimisation strategies can be employed throughout your career as a dentist, whether in someone else’s practice or your own. Webinar 2 A necessary yet important part of your financial future will be DEBT! This session will explain the different types of debt you will come across in your career as well as how to structure your loans for maximum flexibility. The session will also cover strategies on tax-deductible debt and how to purchase your first home. The power of compounding is a must to understand when thinking about investing and creating wealth. This session will cover basic investment fundamentals and the various types of investments, the risk/return trade off and touch on some key investment thematics in the current global environment. Webinar 3 This detailed session will cover off on the key differences and financial considerations for dentists when negotiating contracts with their first 'employer'. Importantly, it will cover the grey area of employees vs contractors but also consider the dentist under a Services and Facilities Agreement. There is a difference and that has recently been tested by the courts and all dentists should be aware of outcomes. The ever-changing rules to Superannuation have made some members complacent as to the benefits of utilising Superannuation for wealth creation. This session will unpack the basics of Superannuation as a wealth-creation vehicle, advantages of Superannuation, what is an SMSF, and when can you have one and what are the differences between the various Superannuation choices.

Further information 

Shane Morgan, Nick Carter

Shane Morgan joined Cutcher & Neale in January 2005 and became a Partner in July 2012. He works within the Specialist Dental/Medical Division and also has a particular interest in Self Managed Superannuation for the Dental/Medical client base. Shane is a noted presenter and commentator, regularly speaking at events for a range of industry organisations including the Australian Dental Association (ADA), Australian Medical Association (AMA (NSW)), the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) and the SMSF Association. He has extensive experience with dental professionals and has assisted many practitioners in planning and structuring their businesses, improving their financial performance and structuring for business succession. Nick brings a diverse set of skills to the WealthStart team, combining his extensive taxation and financial reporting experience with his knowledge of the medical and dental accounting industries. Nick started his career as a trainee with Cutcher & Neale in 2005. As a member of our Specialist Medical and Dental Services Division, Nick works closely with all of our new and recent graduate dentists to deliver the WealthStart program. His experience in identifying key focus areas for our dentists is central in advising the best strategies as you launch into your financial journey.

Shane Morgan, Nick Carter 

Dental Finance Webinar Series

Shane Morgan, Nick Carter
Tuesday 30th Jul 2024 - Tuesday 24th Sep 2024
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Region: Sydney Nsw, Australia
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