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COURSE OBJECTIVES: Throughout this course, participants will receive comprehensive insights into the versatile applications of the Penn Composite Stent, understanding its role as a precision tool in restorative dentistry and the advantages it offers in terms of enhancing treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Participants will emerge equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to seamlessly integrate Penn Stents into their practice, elevating the standard of care and achieving optimal results for their patients.

Learning outcomes

KEY LEARNINGS The principle uses of the Penn Composite Stent Advantages of using a stent to benefit clinicians and patients Discussion of materials and techniques Combination treatment planning and work-up for a Penn Stent The Penn Stent clinical procedure – step by step How to use digital designs to set you up for success with your Penn Stents and other restorative cases. ‘Green Dentistry’ and how to integrate Clear Aligner treatments with Penn Stent and other restorative work to give your patients the absolute optimal outcomes.

Further information 

Dr Albert Sharp

Dr Albert Sharp received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney, graduating with First Class honours and top of the year as well and winning the NSW Dental Board scholarship prize for academic performance. He is a partner at Penn Sharp Dental Surgeons in Sydney, Australia, where he continues to practice all aspects of general dentistry. Albert joined Modern Dental as a clinical and technical advisor in 2003 and is currently the general manager of the technical department – with extensive emphasis on the fields of crown and bridge, implants and TMD/Sleep apnea appliances.

Dash of Dental Auckland Presents: The Penn Composite Stent – From Essential Principles to Green Dentistry Integration

Dr Albert Sharp
Thursday 20th Jun 2024
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Fable Auckland
58/60 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Region: Auckland
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