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Treating defects along the gum line presents restorative challenges: 1. Moisture control 2. Bonding to dentin 3. Re-establishing the ideal contour and emergence profile. Introducing “Class V Made Easy” a 1-hour online course designed to address these challenges. It includes: • Overview of the topic • 30-minute clinical procedure (HD video): • Painless injection • Rubber dam isolation • Root surface treatment • Bonding protocol • Composite restoration • Finishing and polishing Plus, a showcase of restoring abfraction, erosion, caries, and re-do fillings with before, during, after, and follow-up photos.

Learning outcomes

- Management of cervical tooth-wear: what, why, and how - How to administer a painless injection - Rubber Dam Isolation like a pro - Dentine surface treatment for optimal adhesion and micro-mechanical retention - Bullet proof adhesive bonding protocol - The art of obtaining the ideal contour and emergence profile - How to overcome the most common challenges: Debonding and post-operative sensitivity - How to avoid the most common mistake, the overhang

Further information 

Marwan Wadea BDS, MDent (Aesthetic Dentistry)

Is a restorative dentist practicing in New Zealand. He holds a master's degree in Aesthetic Dentistry from the University of Otago since 2017. Dr Wadea has been practicing in Auckland as an aesthetic dentist, focusing on smile makeovers and full-mouth rehabilitation. He is an executive board member of the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Marwan Wadea 

Cl V Made Easy

Marwan Wadea BDS, MDent (Aesthetic Dentistry)
Tuesday 23rd Apr 2024 - Tuesday 31st Dec 2024
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue: Clean Teeth Dental
585 Beach Road, Rothesay Bay
Region: Auckland
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585 Beach Road, Rothesay Bay, Auckland
New Zealand