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Bone Grafting procedures in implant dentistry are a common necessity. Current literature shows between 70- 90% of dental implant procedures are accompanied with some form of bone grafting protocol. To ensure ideal implant position and long term health the use of bone grafting protocols either prior to or at the time of implant placement is a requirement.

Learning outcomes

Learning Objectives: • Anatomy of Mandibular and Maxillary Sockets • Diagnosis of Bone Deficiencies • Selection of Bone Graft Materials • Management of Extraction Socket Deficiencies • Management of Horizontal Deficiencies • Post Operative Considerations • Managing Complications This course will have numerous hands-on practical components that will be performed on life-like models by all participants.


Dr Steve Soukoulis

About Dr Steve Soukoulis Dr Steve Soukoulis completed his bachelor in dentistry in 1996. He entered a clinical diploma of dentistry in 97-98, whereby he underwent further training in many fields of dentistry including dental trauma, medically compromised patients, dental implantology and periodontics. Subsequent to this diploma he entered a periodontal Masters program in Adelaide in 1999 after successfully completing his RACDS examinations. Following successful completion of his Masters program in periodontics, Dr Soukoulis entered private practice. He has been involved in education and development of several dental implant related programs. In 2014 he was involved with the inception and development of the world’s first online dental implant registry. To date, he runs a busy specialty practice and is also involved heavily in the operations of the dental implant registry.

Dr Steve Soukoulis 

Bone Grafting Masterclass

Dr Steve Soukoulis
Saturday 17th Aug 2024
8:30am - 4:30pm
Venue: Novotel Auckland Ellerslie
72/112 Green Lane East
Region: Auckland
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