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With the transition from Big Tobacco to Big Vape comes new challenges for oral health professionals. Most clinicians understand the health hazards of a pack a day smoker, but how do you communicate and quantify oral health problems when patients inform you of their vaping pod use? Join me for a deep dive into the current vaping technologies, the changes in nicotine drug use and importantly and up to date literature review on the harms of vaping

Learning outcomes

•Develop a broad understanding of e-cigarettes and the different types available in New Zealand •Be able to identify the deleterious health effects of e-cigarettes •Calculate the effective nicotine dose of e-cigarettes •Be able to provide science based information to your patient base regarding e-cigarettes


Dr Sheng Zhang

Practice Principal – Dental Artistry Bachelor Oral Health (Syd) Bachelor Dental Surgery (Adel. U.M) Diploma Implants & Orthodontics (UJI) MDS Implantology (UJI) FRACDS, FIDIA, FIADFE

An Update on Dental Vaping - New Plymouth

Dr Sheng Zhang
Tuesday 4th Jun 2024
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Auto Lodge
393 Devon Street East
Region: Auckland
Brought to you by Dental Artistry Academy
Level 1, 38 broadway
New Zealand