By registering to become a course provider of continuing professional development (CPD) with the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA), you should be aware that NZDA manages CPD on behalf of Dental Council New Zealand (DCNZ) through the policy on Continuing Professional Development Activities.

You should be familiar with this document and the requirements for verifiable CPD as outlined by the Dental Council Policy.

By applying to become a course provider you confirm that you have read, understood and will adhere to the following terms and conditions;

Course criteria will be met and detailed within all applications submitted for NZDA approval noting:

  • The content of the course must reflect accepted practice based on critical appraisal of scientific literature. Presentations of theories and techniques that are not supported by scientific evidence nor generally accepted by the dental professions may not be recognised.
    • The course provider should have sufficient educational expertise to develop and run the course. The status and impartiality of the providing organisation will be a consideration.  Promotion of a particular product line by a commercial organisation may not be recognised.
    • The course must demonstrate continuing quality improvement processes. The use of post-activity evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the activity is encouraged.
See Paragraph 28-30 and Appendix 4 of the Dental Council policy on Continuing Professional Development Activities
  • Applications for CPD approval will be submitted to NZDA well in advance of the course commencement.   Applications may take up to 10 working days to be processed by NZDA.
  • If approved, the attendance register provided to you by NZDA will be return to NZDA in a timely manner with all participants names and signatures.
  • The six digit CPD code provided to you by NZDA will be given out to participants after completion of your course and will only be given to those that have attended the course and signed the attendance register.
  • Any advertising or promotional materials produced in relation to an approved course will contain the NZDA disclaimer statement;

* NZDA verifies, that based on the information provided to NZDA, this activity meets the Dental Council policy requirements for CPD.  NZDA CPD verification does not imply promotion or endorsement of the contents of any course. Attendees need to use professional judgment to assess the validity and usefulness of techniques, materials or therapeutic products to their own practice.

  • Changes to course provider details will be advised to NZDA as they occur. Mainly referring to the change of any person responsible for submitting course applications for approval.

Should it become apparent to NZDA that the above terms and conditions are not being adhered to your course provider status will be reviewed, which may result in termination of your course provider access.