Page Last Updated: 27/02/2020

Member type

Fees (NZD)

GST inclusive

Full Membership

Full membership applies to full-time dentists in private practice.


Full Membership - Full-time salaried institution based dentists

Full-time institution based practice, who cannot access a reimbursement from their employers. This includes DHB employees, University of Otago Faculty of Dentistry staff and NZ Defence Force staff.


Full Membership – Part-time dentists

Dentists practising part-time, no more than 10 hours per week or 500 hours per annum.


Full Membership – 2019 BDS graduates

2019 BDS graduates from the University of Otago.


Full Membership – 2018 BDS graduates

2018 BDS graduates from the University of Otago.


Associate Membership (Retired)

Members who have completely retired from dentistry and do not wish to retain full membership.


Postgraduate Students

Full time, institution based, post graduate students in New Zealand.


Associate Membership (Overseas)

Members residing overseas who do not wish to retain full membership.


Honorary Associate

Membership category awarded by the NZDA Board to retired members based on their past contributions.

- no fee

Honorary Life Members

NZDA’s highest honour awarded by the NZDA Board.

- no fee

Student Members

- no fee