About the NZDA

The NZDA is the professional association for dentists in New Zealand. We have more than 2500 members, which represents approximately 96% of all registered dentists in New Zealand. The NZDA is New Zealand's leading advocate for oral health. We are the collective voice and strength of dentistry. We are working to ensure the future of the professional, educate the public and advocate for health care that works.


The NZDA provides a significant amount of information for its members. Listed below is a brief description of some of the information we have available.


Please contact NZDA headquarters for further information.

Membership services and benefits

  • NZDA Codes of Practice
  • NZDA Practice Guidelines
  • NZDA Code of Ethics
  • Practice Quality Manual


Consumer relations

  • Local Consumer Affairs Officers - mediation service available for branch members
  • Peer Review for complaint resolution
  • NZDA/DPL dental indemnity, defence and legal support



  • CPD courses (calendar NZDA website)
  • NZDA Annual Conference
  • National Certificate in Dental Assisting 
  • Student Observation Programme
  • National Recent Graduate Development Programme
  • Accreditation of CPD events
  • Website log book facility available for all members to assist meeting Annual Practising Certificate requirements


Oral health promotion

  • In-surgery pamphlets
  • Website information and resources
  • National and local oral health promotion projects/NZDA/Corporate projects
  • Media profiling of oral health issues
  • Local 'Brushin' projects
  • Teaching guides
  • Web-based video
  • Now you are 18 information pack
  • Oral healthcare training Caregivers of older people


Dental industry

  • Annual NZDA dental industry exhibition
  • NZDA product endorsement scheme

Complaint Resolution Services

  • NZDA Peer Review (for complaint resolution at Regional level)
  • NZDA/DPL Dental Indemnity services (at national level)
  • DPL Education Services administration (20 courses nationwide annually)


Publications and information
  • NZDA News
  • NZ Dental Journal
  • NZDA Membership List and Annual Report
  • Biennial Survey (fees and costs of dental practice)



  • NZ Dental Research Foundation and Trust funding
  • NZDA Dental Research Foundation prize
  • NZDA Summer studentships
  • Management Ministry of Health, Oral Health Research Fund
  • Cochrane Reports


Students and Young Dentists

  • NZDA Student Day for final year class
  • Student Observation Programme for
    final year class
  • Yearbook
  • NZDA prize for excellence in general
    dental practice
  • NZDA dental research foundation prize
  • Employers Guide and Employment Fair
  • Graduate Professional Development Programme (5 centres and online)
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Young Dentist Action Group
  • Young Dentist programme at Conference
  • Outstanding Young Dentist Award (biennially)


Lobby and advocacy

  • Representation to Central and Local Government bodies
  • Liaison with ACC and DHBNZ
  • Membership representation Ministry of Health Steering Groups
  • Advocacy for water fluoridation
  • Workforce
  • Policy statements related to dental care, funding and access



Collegiality and Membership Services
  • Local branch meetings
  • Local sports and collegial events
  • Local Consumer Affairs Officers (mediation service available for Branch members)


Membership Business Benefits

  • Westpac banking packages
  • Medical House discount
  • Advertising services employment, practice availability etc



  • Faculty of Dentistry University of Otago
  • Health Science Auckland University of Technology
  • NZ Dental Industry
  • NZ Police (Victim Identification (information conduit)
  • International Dental Associations worldwide - FDI
  • Government health agencies
  • Allied professions


Benevolence and international aid

  • NZDA Benevolent Foundation for members and their families
  • Overseas dental aid grants
  • NZDA/Wrigleys Grants administraton


Employment information

  • Practice management and employment agreements - practice manual
  • Job advertising (via website  and NZDA News)



  • Oral health promotion
  • Dental expertise and comment
  • Comment on behalf of the dental profession

Overseas dentists coming to New Zealand

The conditions for practising dentistry in New Zealand are controlled by the statutory body - The Dental Council of New Zealand. Details of requirements can be viewed at www.dcnz.org.nz.

Work opportunities in New Zealand are variable depending on the area in which a dentist wishes to practise. Opportunities to work in private practice are available on the basis of assistantship, locum or purchase. There are fewer opportunities to work in the public sector, but hospital dental departments and school dental services do employ dentists.

FDI World Dental Federation

All dentists who are members of the NZDA automatically become members of the FDI World Dental Federation. This membership entitles dentists to FDI member discounts to any World Dental Congress (held in a different international location every year).