Dental Protection

Scheme of co-operation


Dental Protection is the world's largest and most experienced specialist provider of professional indemnity for dentists and other members of the dental team. We provide professional indemnity only for the dental profession and all our energy can therefore be focused on serving and protecting members of the dental profession.

We believe that dental professional indemnity should remain in the hands of people who really understand the dental profession, and not treated as a convenient add-on product or additional revenue stream for commercial insurance companies whose primary interest lies elsewhere, or in general insurance business. 

DPL understands the needs of the dental team because its Board, Executive and Advisers have always been an integral part of the profession we serve. It is a true mutual organisation, governed and operated by and for dentists, and other members of the professional team. 

DPL's primary purpose is to protect and safeguard the professional reputation, interests and integrity of our members, whilst working with them through education to prevent avoidable harm to patients.


If your membership with Dental Protection is through the NZDA scheme you should contact the NZDA as soon as you become aware of any claim, or possible claim, complaint or other need of assistance. (This applies to NZDA or non-NZDA members.)


Assistance and Membership Enquiries

For assistance please contact: David Crum, CEO via Pepe Davenport, PA to the CEO.

  • t: 09 579 8001
  • f: 09 580 0010


For essential facts and comprehensive information on DPL membership, download.


DPL New Zealand Website


For DPL Membership enquires please contact Jill Watson.