New members and how to join

Membership of the NZDA is open to all dentists in New Zealand, who are registered with the Dental Council.


Membership categories and fees 2016/17

Fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include GST


Member type
Full members
This category of membership applies to dentists in private practice.
Full membership - 50% discount for full-time salaried institution based dentists
This category includes District Health Board employees, dental school staff and defence staff who are full time employees. Note – This does not allow for private practice.
Full membership – 50% discount for part-time dentists
This category applies to dentists who practice part time and allows for practices of no more than 10 hours per week or 500 hours per annum.
Full membership – 50% discount for 2015 graduates
This category applies to dentists who graduated from the University of Otago in December 2015.
Full membership – 25% discount for 2014 graduates
This category applies to dentists who graduated from the University of Otago in December 2014.
Associate retired
This category applies to dentists who have ceased to practice and reside in New Zealand.
Postgraduate students
This category applies to full time, institution based, post graduate students in New Zealand.
Associate overseas
This category applies to former full members who have ceased to practice in New Zealand and reside overseas.
Honorary associate
- no fee -
Honorary life members
- no fee -
Student members
- no fee -
New graduates
see below

Membership subscription year

The yearly membership and publication subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year. You should receive your annual subscription notice at the beginning of the subscription year - that is, by 1 April. If you have not received it by this time, please contact the NZDA as soon as possible. Members whose subscription is unpaid for more than three months run the risk of having their membership cancelled, unless arrangements have been made with the NZDA.

If you apply to join part-way through the year, you will be entitled to a reduced fee for the remainder of the year, based on quarterly fees as follows:


  • Join date between 1 Apr and 30 Jun - full year subscription
  • Join date between 1 July and 30 Sep - 3/4 year subscription
  • Join date between 1 Oct and 31 Dec - 1/2 year subscription
  • Join date between 1 Jan and 31 March - 1/4 year subscription

Full members

Benefits of full membership of the NZDA include:


  • Continuing professional development opportunities
  • Practice management advice and support
  • NZDA Practice Manual (including Practice Guidelines and Codes of Practice)
  • NZDA Membership Book
  • NZDA News (five issues)
  • NZ Dental Journal (four issues)
  • Peer review system
  • Public relations support
  • NZDA website - members only section
  • Professional indemnity cover at reduced rates

New graduates

Upon graduation, free student membership ceases and graduates should apply to the NZDA headquarters to join. A special subscription is available for new graduates in year 1 and 2 which recognises the financial commitment they have made.


The usual full membership rate for the period from 1 April to 31 March is $788.00 (inc. GST) plus a $55 optional subscription to join the NZDA Statutory Liability Group Insurance Scheme. This provides you with insurance cover against exemplary damages claims - ACC, OSH, etc.


New graduates are eligible for full membership at half the subscription rate ($394.00 inc. GST) from the joining date to 31 March the following year. Benefits are the same as for full membership.


In your second year of practice you are entitled to a further reduced subscription and only pay 75% of the full membership rate ($601.00 inc. GST). In subsequent years the full membership rate applies.


All you need to do is complete an application form for membership and return it to NZDA Headquarters. No payment is required at this stage. We will invoice you for your NZDA graduate membership fees after April 1st.

Associate overseas, associate retired and postgraduate membership

NZDA members residing overseas, retired members (if not in regular paid employment for 12 months or more) and post-graduate students are eligible for a reduced membership subscription which includes the following membership benefits:

  • NZDA News (five issues per year)
  • NZDA Annual Report
  • NZDA Membership Book
  • Entitlement to attend any NZDA Conferences

Upon receipt of your annual invoice, please select whether you wish to receive the NZ Dental Journal and include the additional payment for this.



If you have any queries about membership, or the services provided by NZDA, please contact Jill Watson.