Dental treatment

As per the MoH & DCNZ Joint Guidelines at Alert Level 2 dentists can provide routine dental care and urgent or emergency dental care, for patients who are NOT:

  • COVID-positive
  • suspected to be COVID-positive
  • a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, or have not been in isolation with a suspected case in the last 14 days
  • exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19
  • international travellers in the last 14 days.

You can provide only urgent or emergency care for patients who are:

  • COVID-positive
  • suspected to be COVID-positive
  • a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, or have been in isolation with a suspected case in the last 14 days
  • exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
  • international travellers in the last 14 days

only when you can meet the room and PPE requirements.

Booking appointments

As per the MoH & DCNZ Joint Guidelines at Alert Level 2 oral health professionals are required to ask ALL patients the following questions before scheduling an appointment, and record the patient’s responses in their record:

  • Do you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?
  • Are you waiting for a COVID-19 test or the results?
  • Have you travelled internationally in the last 14 days?
  • Have you had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, or been in isolation with a suspected case in the last 14 days?
  • Do you have any of the following symptoms:
    - cough
    - sore throat
    - shortness of breath
    - runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip (coryza) 
    - loss of smell (anosmia) 
    with or without fever?

Notice in practices  

As per the MoH & DCNZ Joint Guidelines practices should post visual alerts (e.g. signs, posters) at the entrance and in strategic places (e.g. waiting areas, elevators) to provide patients and health care practitioners with instructions (in appropriate languages) about hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and cough etiquette.

Automated appointment reminders

Dentists with an ability to schedule automated appointment reminders should consider sending the following (or similar) to your patients. Template COVID-19 patient advice notice

Phone appointment responses

Dentists who remind patients of upcoming appointments by phone, should consider what advice is being given to patients and may wish to provide similar information as that written in the above template. 

Face masks and PPE continuity

A number of PPE providers have approached the Association. We make no representations as to the value or quality of product, but feel it is helpful for a list of PPE providers’ contact details to be supplied to members who are urgently seeking PPE during the COVID-19 Alert Level 2. Members are responsible for ensuring PPE complies with Dental Council and Ministry of Health Guidelines for oral health services at COVID-19 Alert Level 2

List updated 13 May 2020

Organisation Name Email Phone
Aluro Healthcare NZ LTD Mark O’Brien

 [email protected] 
 [email protected]

09 477 0285

0800 800 085

Amtech Lauren Reid

 [email protected]
 [email protected]

0800 268 324 

Archer Medical   Brad Don [email protected] 0800 663 272
Bryant West Brendan Jackson  [email protected] 021 341 272
CommonHealth NZ Ltd Matt Mckenna  [email protected] 029 982 2227
Construction Plastics Limited Richard Vickers  [email protected] 09 444 2260 
DRC NZ Adrienne Renton  [email protected]

0800 372972 or

021 414 104
Dr Jacqui Allen    [email protected]  09 522 2226 

Eclipse Pharmacuetical Wholesaler and 

Lahoods Chemist

Mark La Hood  [email protected]

03 208 6378 


021 446 277

Etailer Ltd Doug Chetwynd  [email protected] 021 997 735
Gilmac New Zealand Ltd Ross & Jan Cruden

 [email protected] 
 [email protected]

06 356 6254
Glenavon Pharmacy Maureen Mishriki  [email protected] 022 2255 225
Global Design Medical

Tayla Canter or Anna Ongley

 [email protected]

 [email protected]

021 0253 2095 or

0800 437 8326

Goldfern Mobility Callum Vining  [email protected] 0800 100 971
Henry Schein NZ Keeley McHugh

 [email protected]
 [email protected]

0800 808 555
Imex Medical Ltd Bryce Filleul  [email protected] 09 280 3936
Jaedon Safety Manufacturing Tracy Foard  [email protected]

021 190 4690 

09 263 4566

Leedsafe Ltd

South Island sales - Casey Rutledge

North Island sales - Lucy Burch

 [email protected]


 [email protected]

03 961 1690


03 961 1696

Metalform (PPE face Shields) Robbie McNair  [email protected] 06 374 7043
MQTooling Ltd Phil Mitchell  [email protected] 021 610 909

NZ Survivor

Security Alert Wellington

Michael Mathieson  [email protected]

0800 732 258

027 457 5509

Oraltec Christine Bell  [email protected] 09 478 2229
PGL Limited Mansung Kim  [email protected]

027 343 9493

PLASMED NZ  Rosa Stackhouse-Miller  [email protected]

021 992 068

0800 768 773

Qualimax Limited (trading as Crazy Sales) Daniel Yuen  [email protected] 021 0817 1299 
SurfaceSafe (Hand and Surface sanitizer) 

Regan OKane

Discount code for NZDA members: NZDA10

 [email protected] or
 [email protected]
021 159 4880
The Safety Warehouse Ethan Harvey [email protected] 027 331 0306
Tradesmart Phil or Jonathan  [email protected] 09 283 9658
Vendella International Vickie Brodie  [email protected] 0800 836 335
Wellfit Limited Jaya Soma  [email protected] 09 375 7000 or 021 162 1270


Access an Amtech order form here

Whanganui PPE distributor Amtech has chartered three Dreamliner flights bringing additional PPE direct from China.


PPE product list
Disposable coat/gown – should arrive any day now
NZ made new ones – sample coming can produce within 10-14 days
Overshoes – ex stock
Hair covers – ex stock
Impervious white apron – due next week
Large plastic patient bib – ex stock
KN95 masks – due next week
Face shields – ex stock
New style face shields – due 10-14 days
Instrument reprocessing gloves – ex stock
Latex gloves – ex stock
Nitrile gloves – ex stock

Non contact thermometer – due 10 days

Disinfection products
Alcogel hand sanitiser – due 14 days
Hygiene liquid soap
Foam 2 alcohol free cleaning and disinfection wipes – ex stock
Alcohol free cleaning and disinfection spray for surface wiping– due 10 days
70% ethanol disinfection spray can – due 14 days
Micro 10 Enzyme 2 for cleaning and disinfecting instruments – ex stock
Impresafe for disinfecting impressions – ex stock
Listerine for preprocedural rinsing – ex stock

Barrier film – ex stock
Autoclave pouches – ex stock

For more information please visit their website.


ShieldsUp started in response to the outcry of medical & emergency staff across the country facing the COVID-19 pandemic. They put their own health at risk to help protect others, often without adequate personal protective equipment. We are now a community of over 500 volunteers, 3D printing and manufacturing face shields for our medical and emergency heroes at the forefront of this awful pandemic. We have doctors, sterilisation specialists, engineers, as well as 3D printing experts on our team. We are also consulting with our medical community to ensure the design is appropriate and fit for purpose. For more information about our face shields, or if you would like to request them for your practice, you can do so on our website - we are humbled to be able to help you in our own small way and are grateful for the work that you continue to do. ShieldsUp, offering protection to Kiwi’s against COVID-19.

ShieldsUp are now able to offer a purpose built dental shield, based on feedback we have received from dentists. This version differs from our standard model in that it sits further from the face, accommodating loupes and other equipment.

Orders can be made via our website. For further design modifications or input, please contact Aida Rasmussen on 0211018160 or [email protected]

27 March 2020
NZDA is currently working on sourcing and/or having made available the necessary PPE for dentists to be able to provide emergency treatment to patients. To date, we have referred a number of opportunities to the Dental Industry as they have the skills to assess the validity and compliance of product. 

Be careful of scammers and fake product that are emerging. 

The bottomline is you need to be certain the safety gear you are using is not fake and that it meets the required standard.

16 March 2020
Dental Council has advised their position is that oral health practitioners must adhere to the minimum standards for IPC when treating a patient. Dental Council COVID-19 guidance to oral health practitioners. NZDA continues to seek additional security and/or alternative supply. 

12 March 2020
Following confirmation by Dental Council that they will not be amending the Practice Standard regarding the wearing of face masks, NZDA has written to Minister of Health, Hon David Clark. Read NZDA's letter to the Minister of Health

For clarity, and convenience, the DCNZ requirements regarding wearing of face masks are located on page 14 of the Dental Council Infection Prevention and Control Practice Standard

10 March 2020
NZDA sought guidance from Dental Council regarding face masks and what if any amendment can be made to requirements regarding the wearing of face masks. We hoped the reply would also outlines continuity plans from Dental Council and Ministry of Health to ensure patient care, in the event of dental practices needing to temporarily close.

Government and industry response
The Australian Government announced securing an additional 54 million face masks for the National Medical Stockpile.  We are awaiting a response from Ministry of Health regarding access for dentists to the New Zealand stockpile. 

Depending on the nature of the responses from Dental Council and the Ministry of Health we will then assess contacting the Minister of Health regarding this issue, directly.

The Dental Industry Group is providing regular updates and working with NZDA on these matters. 

Ministry of Health

As we have previously advised and continue to advise, members should regularly review Ministry of Health advice which is constantly being updated here. There is useful information here for health professionals.