COVID Protection Framework

Updated 25 February 2022

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Oral health professionals will be following the Dental Council’s Supplementary Standard to the Infection Prevention and Control Practice Standard - Risk management principles for oral health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All patients will be required to answer the following risk assessment questions prior to their appointment and confirmed on their arrival.

  1. Do you or any member of your household have COVID-19 or are you waiting for a COVID-19 PCR test result? (not a routine surveillance test result) 
  2. Are you required to self-isolate (including arrival from overseas)?
  3. Do you have ANY of the following symptoms now, or in the last 14 days
    – Fever, acute cough or shortness of breath 
    – Muscle aches, loss of smell, sore throat 
    – Generally feeling unwell with no other likely diagnosis 
  4. Do you have any other reason to think that you are at risk of having COVID-19? 

Rapid Antigen Test Suppliers

To assist in reducing the uncertainty regarding use of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for patients, NZDA has asked and had confirmation from the Ministry of Health that:

  • There has been a revocation and replacement of authorisation of persons to import, supply and distribute RATs such that private health providers (and a range of other health entities) can be supplied (sold) 11 approved RATs
  • Any company that holds a NZ Business number (NZBN) can import and on sell RATs to private dental clinics, and
  • Private dental clinics may purchase said tests to use on the following: 
    a. Symptomatic staff members and/or patients
    b. Asymptomatic patients presenting for high-risk dental procedures that may carry a higher risk of transmission of COVID-19
    c. Staff members who are asymptomatic COVID-19 close contacts 
    d. Staff members who are asymptomatic COVID-19 household contacts
    e.  Surveillance testing on asymptomatic staff members 

We have had approaches from the following suppliers:

Alpha Promotions Limited
492 Moorhouse Avenue,
Waltham, Christchurch 8011
03 925 8905


Dental Store:

Kiwi Kids PPE:
Use discount code: Dent

Tests are available in individually sealed packs of 20
20 units per inner
27 Inners per carton
540 units per outer carton

FFP2 Nano Reusable masks
60ml and 300ml 75% Ethanol Hand Sanitiser 
Kids Face masks

Ngaio Diagnostics:
Use discount code: NGAIO- PROMODENTISTCOV   
Price: $150+ GST box ($7.50+ GST / box)
Delivery Approx Mid March
Minimum Order: 1 box only

Each Company to please provide:

EMAIL TO: [email protected]

Product specifics:

NZ Safety Blackwoods

Southern Cross Promotions Ltd:
83 Aviation Ave, Mount Maunganui 3116 

  • Selling the approved Eco Test by Assure Tech. Results in 15 minutes. 
  • 5 Tests per pack, 420 Tests per Carton. 
  • Minimum order is 420 Tests (1 x carton).
  • Price depends on volume. Please contact directly to discuss your requirements.  
  • Stock available and ready for dispatch.
  • Contact [email protected] or 021 648 007

TGL Medical PPE
Use discount code: FUJA4NZDA
Stock on hand, specially earmarked for dentists.
Deliveries within Auckland will be within 2+ days.
Rest of the country may be longer due to courier delays.

Zone Global
Use dicount code: ZGDA5000

Order directly via email to Daniel or Rachel
Single test kits 
5 packs
Stock available for shipment from Auckland within 24-hours

Zoom Pharmacy: 

Please contact suppliers directly to discuss stock availability.

Should any member wish to share details of suppliers who have Government approval and stock immediately available please send details to Kirsten McCarthy

Face masks and PPE continuity

Checklist, buying guide, and presentation counterfeit facemasks

Mask fit testers
Aside from securing your stock of facemasks, it’s important to find a registered fit tester.  Find a tester by name or region with this register. 

Face masks and PPE continuity
The following list of PPE providers is being updated regularly. We have asked vendors that they meet the specified standard, but it is up to practitioners to ensure that this is the case.

Last updated 11 July 2022

Organisation Name Email Phone

Amtech Medical

Lauren Reid or Jayden Currie  [email protected]       [email protected] 0800 268 324 or
Jayden Currie 021 194 8213
Aluro HealthcareNZ

Customer Services or Rudy Tavarez

[email protected] or [email protected] 0800 800 085 or 021 269 2384


Adrienne Renton or Bianca Tripiano    [email protected]
or visit website
0800 372 972
Imex Medical Ltd Bryce Filleul [email protected] 0800 463 963 or
09 280 3936
Leedsafe Ltd Sales - Lucy Burch [email protected] 03 379 2055
NXP (National Xpress Products) NXP Customer Care Team [email protected] 0800 800 547
Oraltech  Christine Bell [email protected] 0508 478 222
Ormiston Kiwi Chemist Michael Mishriki [email protected] 021 645 321
Security Alert Michael Mathieson [email protected] 0800 732 258 or
027 457 5509

TGL Medical PPE

Promo code: NZDA5%

Moha Naser  [email protected]
or visit website
Vendella International Melissa Murran [email protected] 0800 836 335


Access an Amtech order form here
We have a full range of PPE and infection control products in stock.

Aluro HealthcareNZ

PPE Product List:
N95 Fluidshield Respirators
Type IIR ASTM Level 3 Fluidbloq Surgical Facemasks
Type IIR ASTM Level 3 Beesure VIBE Surgical Facemasks
ASTM Level 2 Surgical Facemasks
Level 1 Facemasks – for patients or support people on arrival to practice
Safety Glasses
Impervious Long Sleeve Gowns
Bouffant Caps
Nitrile Gloves
Latex Gloves 
Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

Extra Aerosol Management and Infection Control Measures:
Aerosol Max Extra Oral Suction Machine with Hepa Filter
Sanuvox Hepa Filter Air purifying Units
Kona Ozone infection control sensor tap
Rubber Dam (latex and non latex)
1% hydrogen peroxide pre-procedural sanitising mouthrinse
Perio Plus CHX + Citrox Mouthrinse (0.2%)
Cotton Mouth Swabs

Surface Management & Disinfection Products:
BLB alcohol based hand sanitiser
Hand Sanitising Foam – kills 99.9% microorganisms 
ALuroHQ Bulk liquid flowing hand soap
AluroHQ ECOCLOTH Biodegradable clean & Disinfection cloths – proven effective against C-19
Viraclean Surface Clean and disinfection spray – proven effective against C-19
Clinimax neutral detergent liquid
AluroHQ Biodegradable neutral detergent
Neutral detergent wipes
Barrier sleeves and cover-all

For more product information, please visit their website


PPE product list
Overshoes – ex stock
Large plastic patient bib – ex stock
KN95 masks – ex stock
Face shields – ex stock
New style face shields – ex stock
Instrument reprocessing gloves – ex stock
Latex gloves – ex stock
Level 2 earloop masks – ex stock
Non contact thermometer – ex stock

Disinfection productsAlcogel hand sanitiser – ex stock
Hygiene liquid soap – ex stock
Foam 2 alcohol free cleaning and disinfection wipes  
Alcohol free cleaning and disinfection spray for surface wiping – ex stock
70% ethanol disinfection spray can – ex stock
1% hydrogen peroxide Preprocedural rinse solution – ex stock
Micro 10 Enzyme 2 for cleaning and disinfecting instruments – ex stock
Impresafe for disinfecting impressions – ex stock
Listerine for preprocedural rinsing – ex stock
Barrier film – ex stock
Autoclave pouches – ex stock

For more information please visit their website.


ShieldsUp started in response to the outcry of medical & emergency staff across the country facing the COVID-19 pandemic. They put their own health at risk to help protect others, often without adequate personal protective equipment. We are now a community of over 500 volunteers, 3D printing and manufacturing face shields for our medical and emergency heroes at the forefront of this awful pandemic. We have doctors, sterilisation specialists, engineers, as well as 3D printing experts on our team. We are also consulting with our medical community to ensure the design is appropriate and fit for purpose. For more information about our face shields, or if you would like to request them for your practice, you can do so on our website – we are humbled to be able to help you in our own small way and are grateful for the work that you continue to do. ShieldsUp, offering protection to Kiwi’s against COVID-19.

ShieldsUp are now able to offer a purpose built dental shield, based on feedback we have received from dentists. This version differs from our standard model in that it sits further from the face, accommodating loupes and other equipment.

Orders can be made via our website. For further design modifications or input, please contact Aida Rasmussen on 021 101 8160 or [email protected] 

Notice in practices  

As per MoH & DCNZ Guidelines practices should post visual alerts (e.g. signs, posters) at the entrance and in strategic places (e.g. waiting areas, elevators) to provide patients and health care practitioners with instructions (in appropriate languages) about hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and cough etiquette.

Automated appointment reminders

Dentists with an ability to schedule automated appointment reminders should consider sending the following (or similar) to your patients. Template COVID-19 patient advice notice

Phone appointment responses

Dentists who remind patients of upcoming appointments by phone, should consider what advice is being given to patients and may wish to provide similar information as that written in the above template. 

Ministry of Health

As we have previously advised and continue to advise, members should regularly review Ministry of Health advice which is constantly being updated here. There is useful information here for health professionals.