If you are an overseas trained dentist/dental specialist registered and working in New Zealand, then becoming a NZDA member will provide you with opportunities to be a part of your professional body. Inclusion in NZDA activities and local branch networks will provide you with collegial support systems to help make your transition into the New Zealand practice environment easier.

Having successfully completed your Dental Council registration requirements, work opportunities in New Zealand are variable depending on the area in which a you wish to practise. Opportunities to work in private practice are available on the basis of associateship, assistantship, locum or purchase. There are fewer opportunities to work within the public sector, but hospital dental departments and school dental services do employ dentists.

The conditions for practising dentistry/dental specialty in New Zealand are controlled by the statutory body, the Dental Council of New Zealand. Details for registration and requirements can be viewed at www.dcnz.org.nz