NZDA Honours

Honorary Associate Members

In special circumstances as the Board may deem proper, the Board may elect any person who is eligible to become and Associate Member to be an Honorary Associate Member, who shall be entitled to all the privilages of an Associate Member without payment of any subscription or fee, including the New Zealand Dental Journal.


Fellows of the New Zealand Dental Association

Any person, being a Member of the Association and of the dental profession, who has rendered distinguished service to the Association, or to the promotion of dental and allied sciences, may be elected a Fellow of the New Zealand Dental Association by the Board, and such election may be announced at the official opening ceremony of a Conference of the Association or in general meeting of the Association.


Fellowship of the NZDA is an honour that does not change the membership category of the Member.


Honorary Life Members

Members of the dental profession and of scientific eminence, or persons who have rendered distinguished service to the Association, or to the promotion of dental and allied sciences; or who, in the opinion of the Board, will further or advance the interests of the Association, may be elected Honorary Members of the Association by the Board, and such election may be announced at the official opening ceremony of a Conference of the Association or in general meeting of the Association. Such election shall be for the duration of one year or for such other period in excess of one year as the Board shall determine. An Honorary Member shall have none of the liabilities of members as regards subscriptions and shall not be entitled to any vote, but shall have the privilege of attending the Annual General Meeting in each year of membership, and such other privileges as may be conferred under these Rules.



NZDA Grants

NZDA Overseas Aid Grants

The Board of the NZDA under guidance from Craig Waterhouse, at the August 2010 Board meeting, voted to support the introduction of an increased level of support for NZDA members who take part in, or organize, voluntary oral health services in overseas arenas. The was advertised in the NZDA News and on the NZDA website. The total annual funding made available is NZ$20,000 per annum over a three year period.


Members of the NZDA who are involved in voluntary overseas dental aid projects were invited to apply for funding to support their projects. This will occur annually. Recently the NZDA Executive had the pleasure of awarding the following NZDA members grants from the NZDA fund for 2012.


  • David Marriott, Himalayan Dental Project, Ladakh, India. Awarded NZ$500.00
  • Guy Margetts, Dental Volunteer Israel - Jerusalem, Israel & Global Dental Relief Project. Awarded NZ$2,000.00
  • Karina Williams, the Bairo Pite Clinic, Timor Leste. Awarded NZ $2,000.00
  • Dianne Sainsbury, East meets West Foundation & Reach Vietnam. Awarded NZ $2,000.00
  • Caitlin Agnew, Poppy Horne & Shayeste Irani, East meets West Dental Programme. Awarded NZ $6,000.00
  • Bethy Turton, One-2-One Charitable Trust Cambodia. Awarded NZ $2,000.00
  • Julia Smith & Lydia Ng, Africa Mercy Ship - Scheduled to be in the Republic of Congo in December 2013. Awarded NZ$4,000.00
  • Susan Cole, Marine Research Christian Medical Aid & Training Organisation Ongoing Dental Project in Viti Levu, Fiji. Awarded NZ $2,000.00
  • David Healy, The Fiji Cleft Lip & Palate Roadshow Collaborative project between NZDA, the Fiji Dental Association and the Fiji National University (Fiji School of Medicine). Awarded NZ $2,000.00



International Aid Report

Report of Project Committee investigating Dental Aid. Prepared by Craig Waterhouse, Jonathan Broadbent and Mark Goodhew.

This report endeavours to provide a guide to summaraze the information which NZDA Dental Aid Project funding applications should include, together with an outline summarizing how such applications may be rated.



Nelson/Marlborough Branch NZDA R.B. Beresford Scholarship for Undergraduate BDS Students

The Nelson/Marlborough Branch NZDA offers the R B Beresford Scholarship to the value of $500, to assist with course expenses for undergraduate BDS students from the region. One scholarship is awarded annually, with applications normally closing in August each year. The successful applicant would be expected to attend NZDA Branch meetings when in the region and must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Currently studying for BDS at University of Otago School of Dentistry
  2. Has resided in the Nelson/Marlborough region for at least 5 years prior to commencing university study
  3. Application and current CV to be submitted the the Branch Secretary/Treasurer. The names/contact details of the current Branch Secretary can be found on the "contacts" page. Please note you need to be logged in to view the content.



Wrigley Company Foundation NZDA 'Pacific Region Dental Aid Grant 2013-2015'

As part of the Overseas Aid Grants programme introduced in 2011, the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) has partnered with The Wrigley Company Foundation to provide a Pacific Region grant category to the value of USD$5,000 for the next three years.


The Pacific Region Dental Aid Grant seeks to promote access to oral health education in the Pacific Islands, where the very high population-to-dentist ratio has created a virtually limitless need for dental aid. For the purpose of this programme, the Pacific Islands are defined as comprising New Guinea, New Caledonia, Torres Strait Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Micronesia and Polynesia (the Hawaiian Islands, Rotuma, the Midway Islands, Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, the Cook Islands, Wallis and Futuna, Tokelau, Nieu, French Polynesia and Easter Island).


To apply, please download an Application Form on the 'Dental Aid Abroad' page.

Wrigley Company Foundation NZDA 'Community Service Grants'

In partnership with the Wrigley Company Foundation the NZDA also announces the 'Community Service Grants' programme. The Community Service Grants programme is an initiative that encourages oral health professionals to design and implement programmes held in their local communities across New Zealand.

This year the programme is providing ten grants to the value of USD$1000 each and one grant to the value of USD$8,000.

Click here for more information about the Wrigley Company Foundation NZDA 'Community Service Grants'.



NZDA Awards for Young Dentists

The NZDA has number of awards available to Members: