The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) is the professional association for New Zealand dentists. As well as providing services for its members, the NZDA is the one body able to speak on behalf of NZ dentistry as a whole.


We also provide information and advice to consumers.


Codes of Practice

The NZDA Board approved the following fully revised and updated NZDA Codes of Practice at the August 2014 Board meeting in Christchurch. To view the NZDA Codes of Practice login to the Members section. 


Codes of Practice Full Revisions

Code of Practice Infection prevention and control in dental practice

Code of Practice General anaethesia in dentistry

Code of Practice Transmissible major viral infections

Code of Practice Public statements by dentists

Code of Practice Referral of patients


Codes of Practice Updates

Code of Practice Informed consent


The Codes of Practice are 'living documents' and members are encouraged to advise Hugh Trengrove of any suggested changes in content.


Water Fluoridation

We encourage those wanting to know more about water fluoridation to check out evidence-based information sources, like the new Ministry of Health Fluoride Facts website


nzda presents: Infection Prevention and Control - A practical update on what you need to know
by Alison Stewart, Megan Sharpe & Dr Hugh Trengrove

- Did you know that the NZDA Code of Practice for cross-infection control was updated last year?

- Do you know what this means for you and your practice?

Practitioners have professional, ethical and legislative obligations regarding cross-infection control in their dental practice. In 2014 an advisory group reviewed and updated the NZDA Code of Practice regarding cross-infection control, updating many of those day-to day practises carried out as second nature.

This seminar aims to provide a practical update on infection prevention and control processes based on this new code. The seminar will focus on the practical application of the Code and what is needed to be compliant. This seminar is structured for audience interaction and participation so make sure to bring up any questions you might have for answering on the day.

NZDA Events Calendar

Advanced Life Support NZRC level 3-4

Meditrain Ltd

Auckland, 6 Mar 2015

Speaker: Jason Burns

Format: Hands On

Category: Medical Emergencies

Event Type: Single Location

Sem.#5 Mixed Dentition Diagnosis, Pre-Restorative Orthodontics &

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars

Australia, 6 Mar 2015

Speaker: Dr. Ian Brown

Format: DVD/CD/Video, Internet

Category: Orthodontics

Event Type: Multi-Location

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